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Fri, 15th Apr, 2005 0:00

The Encyclopædia of South Australian Culture is an alphabetical listing of various aspects of South Australian culture such as fritz, halls soft drinks and communism.  Most entries are characterised by being both interesting and humourous. I was suprised to find the term 'Early Minute' is a South Australian term, but as The Encyclopædia explains: 'In the rest of the country, a nation renowned for it’s relaxed attitude, they don’t take an early minute. They take a sick day.'

Wed, 13th Apr, 2005 0:00

In a recent thread on the forums which could leave its readers never wanting to touch the close door button in the glass lifts outside toys 'r us, members were asked to describe 'weird places you've had sex'. Locations included an unsatisfyingly sounding journey between stops on a transadelaide train and inside a curtained House of the Dead arcade machine in the old Timezone (now home of the ASO). Be wary when eating from sturdy tables in restaurants.

missitaliancutie's latest entry is on a similar theme (sex), but tells of a more one sided encounter. 

Adelaide Blogs
Mon, 11th Apr, 2005 0:00

Where does the enjoyment of reading an Adelaide blog come from? Could it come from reading an opinion of someone who has had a similar experience, such as going to see REM (curefreak, andy), reading 'He's Just Not That Into You', (gossy, wenna),  or deciding which is better, Mojo or Shotz (nathan, tani)? Could it come from finding what is happening around Adelaide (eg fled.the.scene, adeladians) or what has happened (eg spoz)? Or could it come from reading something that changes the way you view Adelaide, or makes you notice things you haven't noticed before (eg the alleyways and side streets project).

Then there is the magic of meeting someone whose blog you have been reading (an experience claire and noranna  recently had at a Ben Folds concert), or just seeing people around and recognising them as and knowing where they're going, what they're going to do or how they're feeling.  Perhaps reading blogs can get a little too close to stalking, but that's a matter for the courts to decide...