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Mon, 7th Nov, 2005 16:00

I've heard the best graffiti in Adelaide is to be found in underground tunnels around the city.  I've also heard that during the war, people in Adelaide hid their valuables in underground tunnels and as they forgot to remove them, the valuables remain in the tunnels to this day.  I tend not to believe the second story.  I've looked for the entrance to the Kent Town tunnel, but haven't been able to find it yet.  On the weekend i saw what looked like the entrance to a tunnel in St Peters, but it was getting dark and I was too afraid to get too close.  I don't think i'll ever be a Goonie.  Phil Davis has some photos of and information about underground tunnels in Adelaide here. The Adelaide branch of Cave Clan, a group of underground ‘urban explorers’, has a website here.


Mon, 7th Nov, 2005 11:00

Model 'with minister's son' (
MODEL Michelle Leslie was with the son of a senior Indonesian minister when she was arrested for possession of two ecstasy tablets in Bali.

Police eject opera boss from Festival Centre (
THE 2005 State Opera season has ended with all of the melodrama of one of its major productions with its general director "frogmarched" by police out of the Festival Centre.

Every year, it will be party time at Fringe (
THE Adelaide Fringe will become an annual event following a sponsorship deal with BankSA worth $1.4 million over five years.

Parent iPod alert on sex films (
PARENTS fear children will be able to build a digital library of iPod pornography after the launch of a website.

Year 12s face their toughest lesson to date (
THE number of students studying Year 12 has continued to increase, despite Federal Government criticisms of South Australia's curriculum.

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Fri, 4th Nov, 2005 12:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs:

Saathiya has a post here about The Merchants of Bollywood at the Festival Theatre

Aminah has a post here on lessons learnt from Mills and Boon

BT3 has a post here which is an extract of a diary from someone who met a romance novel type guy

Shannon has a post here on dealing with customers

Spoz has some photos here in response to a threat to the Adelaide blogging community


Thu, 3rd Nov, 2005 16:00

$50m DIVA: Race is on to find suitable mate  (
MAKYBE Diva could be worth as much as $50 million as her connections set about the task of finding the right mate for the history-making mare.

Up the Creek (
YOU GET THE distinct impression from talking to David Lightfoot that he’s a happy man. And why wouldn’t he be? He’s the producer of what is likely to become Australia’s most successful film in years, Wolf Creek, and it has been receiving great reviews both here and internationally.

Granny rocks into finals (
A BUNCH of young rockers from Adelaide are taking their latest battle of the bands venture pretty seriously. They should - it could be worth $100,000, a record deal and a world tour.

Uranium: Buyers 'to line up' (
BHP Billiton expects a surge in world-wide demand for nuclear power will ensure viability for the proposed $5 billion upgrade of the Olympic Dam mine.

Little Ice Age (
Little Ice Age might have just crept up on the indie rosters here in Adelaide, but they're already setting their sights in some unusual places. 

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Photos of Adelaide
Thu, 3rd Nov, 2005 11:00

I wouldn't go as far as to say the Government is lying, but the timing and importance of the latest terrorist threat does seem terribly convenient.  Tim Dunlop has more on the announcement on his blog here.  DenizenGT has a post here about the effects of terrorism warnings from his perspective as a Muslim living in Adelaide.  Another group affected by the alert but not alarmed state of the public is the group of people who take photographs.  My most recent experience was of a man asking me why I was taking photographs of buses on Grenfell Street.  He asked if perhaps it was because I really liked buses.  The only answer I had for this question was yes.  The amount of people around with digital cameras seems to be increasing.  Keeping watch of these people is going to be tough.  I have collected some people's photos of Adelaide here.  Adam Trevorrow has a gallery here of some nice photos he has taken of Adelaide. Sparrow has his Adelaide 'Alleyways and Side Streets' photography project here.


Wed, 2nd Nov, 2005 13:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs:

BT3 has some Halloween silhouettes here

Sahil has written a post here on Diwali, a Hindu festival of lights

Sparrow has a post here on school photo day.

Mark has a post here on the lack of new characters in Marvel and DC Comics


Tue, 1st Nov, 2005 10:00

Airport delays - again (
ONGOING problems with an aircraft refuelling system have caused yet another delay to the start of domestic flights from the new Adelaide Airport terminal.

Bob Francis may be charged with contempt of court (
CONTROVERSIAL talkback announcer Bob Francis is again in legal hot water, after making inflammatory comments about a senior magistrate.

'New evidence' backs Hicks's torture claim (
Lawyers for Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks say they have uncovered evidence supporting claims that the South Australian may have been the subject of organised torture by American troops.

Quit urges total ban on indoor smoking (
The anti-smoking lobby group Quit says it is disappointing that South Australians will have to wait another two years for total smoking bans in pubs and clubs.

80km chase ends in icy swim - and arrest (
TWO men took to the sea for 2 1/2 hours yesterday in a desperate attempt to avoid capture by police. (related story in Adelaideians community here)

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Mon, 31st Oct, 2005 12:00

Some posts from around Adelaide:

Mike has theory here on the reason for the existence of human cruelty towards animals

Jacob has an analysis here of the Beatles' song From Me To You

Pavlov's Cat has an overview here of the audience at the opening night of La Traviata

Carly has a description here of the You Am I gig at the Governor Hindmarsh

The WeddingSA Forum has some advice here for people moving in together

The Valhalla Forum has a photo here of a modified billboard on Port Wakefield Road


Tasting Australia
Sun, 30th Oct, 2005 17:00

Some pictures from Tasting Australia Feast for the Senses here. I got hayfeaver bad. Real bad.


Fri, 28th Oct, 2005 16:00

Shellshocked Leslie taunted at court (
The Indonesian media mobbed and taunted Michelle Leslie with catcalls and whistles today moments before the Australian model faced a Bali court for the first time charged with ecstasy possession.

Govt to watch for bird flu signs (
Wild bird populations in south-east South Australia will be monitored for signs of avian flu during the summer migration period.

SA 'has serious underage gambling problem' (
The head of South Australia's Independent Gambling Authority has told a parliamentary committee that the state has a serious underage gambling problem, and he has no confidence in current enforcement methods.

Adelaide's bombing victim to walk down aisle (
AN ADELAIDE woman who lost both her legs in the London bombings has described how she found the strength to survive in the aftermath of the attack.

A Will of His Own (
It is hard to find an admirer of J.M. Coetzee's work who does not think that his best book is Disgrace, one of the strongest novels of the last quarter- century and, among other things, a masterpiece of misdirection. It is easier to tell that the novel is a work of great force than it is to be precise about what exactly it is telling us.

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