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Thu, 17th Nov, 2005 12:00

I went for a walk around North Terrace this morning to have a look at the city lockdown in place for Donald Rumsfeld's visit. I'm not sure why, but I expected to see 500 police lined up around the Hyatt in anti-terrorism gear.  There was a small group of police in one area and fencing around the Hyatt.  There were also plastic barriers widely spaced apart, perhaps intended as psychological deterrents.  The police seemed to be questioning anyone in the area who looked dodgy and had a backpack.  I saw one guy having to take off his shoes and socks for the police to investigate while more police searched his bag.  His bag had a change of clothes in it.  He had some straws or something in his shoes.  

Drew has a post on and some photos here of the Donald Rumsfeld cavalcade travelling down North Terrace. Lauren has a post here on driving in front of the cavalcade down Sir Donald Bradman drive.  Matt has a post here on Donald Rumsfeld.

The Advertiser has news here of the protest at 4:30pm today and the movements of Donald Rumsfeld.

The traffic restrictions that will be in place today and tomorrow are:

North Terrace closed to traffic travelling east between West Terrace and King William st until 9:30am tomorrrow

King William St closed to traffic travelling south between Pirie St and Flinders St from 6pm today to 4pm tomorrow

Pirie St closed to traffic travelling between King William Street and Gawler Place from 6pm today to 4pm tomorrow


Wed, 16th Nov, 2005 12:00

Days From Freedom (
INDONESIAN prosecutors yesterday asked for only a three-month jail sentence for Adelaide model Michelle Leslie, meaning she could fly back to Australia next week.

Police threaten to arrest protesters (
DEMONSTRATORS were last night reassessing their tactics after being refused permission to hold a demonstration on the steps of Parliament House during U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's Adelaide visit.

Democrats outraged over terrorism laws protest ban (
The South Australian Democrats have condemned as outrageous, the banning of a protest against anti-terrorism legislation which was planned for tomorrow.

Harry Potter's magic disappearing act (
HARRY Potter flew into Adelaide yesterday without a magic broom, Quidditch golden snitch - and still managed to disappear.

Workplace changes will unravel unique system (
THE CURRENT INDUSTRIAL legislation proposals are sometimes presented as a response to 21st-century globalisation and the next stage in the long march to free up the economy and let market forces rule

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IR Reform Protest
Tue, 15th Nov, 2005 21:00

I had heard on one news report that the Industrial Relations protest today was likely to turn into a French-style riot.  It was quite apparent at the protest that this was not going to happen, especially after an organiser told everyone the protest would last around an hour and we could 'sit down if we wanted' while we watched a broadcast of protests in other states and anti-IR Reform advertisements.  There were a large number of people and it was good to see such a diverse range of people coming together.  However, I was disappointed in the range of slogans.  I had expected to see something along the lines of 'We're IRate' or 'HoWard = BackWard' or 'John, you're not IRreplaceable', or at least something better than 'I aRe not doing it'.  I've put some pictures and videos from the protest here.

ABC News has a story here on the protest which includes some comments from John Howard on the protest.  Saathiya attended the protest and has written a post on it here.  Tilda also attended the protest and has a post here.  Reasons for the protest can be found here.


Donald Rumsfeld
Mon, 14th Nov, 2005 14:00

The US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld is due to stay in Adelaide over three days to take part in AUSMIN talks, where Australian and US officials discuss a wide range of global, regional and bilateral issues.  I've heard the talks have been arranged to take place in Adelaide as Alexander Downer thought it would be nice to show off his home town.

Pete works in a hotel on North Terrace and has written a post here on Donald Rumsfeld's upcoming visit to Adelaide, snipers and the traffic restrictions that will be in place.

Richard Tonkin has written a post here on Donald Rumsfeld's visit.

Karenski has a reminder of Donald Rumsfeld's poetry here.


2005 Christmas Pageant
Sat, 12th Nov, 2005 0:00

According to my inside sources, the each float in this year's Christmas Pageant had a MP3 player and a 12 volt battery to provide the float's music.  Also, Santa's reindeer are powered by compressed gas and more than 1000 litres of petrol is used to power the floats.  Perhaps these facts are not that insightful, but it's a Christmas pageant.  Some photos and videos here.

I don't want to put a damper on Christmas things, but after the pageant I was overcharged $5 for a falafel roll and an apple juice.  Did the falafel guy know that in the post pageant confusion it would be difficult for me to question the change I received from him?  Well played falafel guy, well played.

The Adelaide Review has a story here about the Christmas Pageant and the closure of John Martins.


Fri, 11th Nov, 2005 15:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs:

Tani has a post here on the difficulty women have with urine tests

Drew has a post here on the North Terrace Remeberance service from a Gen X perspective

Nathan has a post here on his growing obsession with Google Ads

Stephen has a post here on the difference between celibacy and chastity in terms of Christianity

Tearz has a post here about a halloween party

Reverend Timothy has a game here based around Blogger's Comment Verification text strings.

Ms Cynic has a post here on the city lockdown upon the arrival of Donald Rumsfeld


2006 Adelaide Fringe Poster Launch
Thu, 10th Nov, 2005 22:00

The thing with launches is that when taking photos, it's best not to have too much of the free alcohol.  Holding a camera in one hand with a glass of wine in the other is not a good look, especially when trying to eat one of the free oysters at the same time.  The Fringe Poster launch took place tonight in Vaughan Place, to be named Fringe Place for the duration of the 2006 Fringe festival.  I managed to take some photos and shakey videos and have put them here. The 2006 Adelaide Fringe website was also launched tonight and is here.


Thu, 10th Nov, 2005 12:00

City Centre Lockdown (
KEY sections of Adelaide will be virtually locked down as part of a massive security operation to protect U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld later this month.

City hotels keep lid on loud music (
JUST three complaints about excessive noise from hotels were found to be justified by Adelaide City Council last financial year.

Flood fury: Stop the bickering (
INFRASTRUCTURE Minister Patrick Conlon has called on local councils to stop "bickering" and offer their support for a state body to co-ordinate stormwater management projects.

Fewer using trains, trams (
TRAIN and tram patronage is down by 0.6 per cent and the rising fuel price presents a significant cost pressure, TransAdelaide's annual report says.

Baby Jesus found safe in his manger (
IN THE absence of Moses, the baby Jesus will simply have to wait for the floodwaters to subside.

'Lack of maintenance' to blame for 000 failure (
The South Australian Opposition says it has learned that the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) 000 emergency phone number broke down last month.

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Tue, 8th Nov, 2005 22:00

I like the rain.  I went to bed early on Monday night and fell asleep reading a book and listening to the rain.  The next morning I got up and caught the bus to work.  I've been catching the same bus for a few years now, so I don't really look outside.  I usually read or secretly stare at the other people on the bus.  When I got to work, I opened my email and that's when I found out: flooding in Adelaide, including my suburb.  The Torrens had overflowed, Christmas displays washed away, some farmers crops ruined.  I thought about my walk to the bus stop and realised, yes, it did feel wetter.

Adam and Tennille have some photos here of the River Torrens and the now underwater Brewery Christmas display 

The Internode forum has some pictures here of the whale escaping from the Christmas Display.

Jaycee has a post here on the mini flood outside her backdoor.  

Ms Smack has a post here on the effects of flooding on the homeless.

There's a story in The Australian here about flooding in Adelaide

Chugabolt has some more photos here of the Torrens after the rain.

You can watch the weather clearing to a nice sunset here.


Tue, 8th Nov, 2005 12:00

About a year ago I read a review of an Adelaide band's CD in the street press.  Much of the review was about how some Adelaide bands start to build up momentum, perhaps get airplay on Triple J, or a national tour support, but then afterwards nothing happens and they go back to playing gigs at the Exeter.  A month ago, The Sunday Mail had a two page article on "SA's hottest bands".  The bands were chosen by the article's author, Paul Nassari; Rip It Up editor, Robert Dunstan; db magazine editor, Andrew P Street; Big Star city manager, Rah Di Brenni; Craig Armstrong from Skorpion Entertainment; Jive co-proprietor Tam Boakes; and journalist Rob Lyons.   It's most likely too early to see if the CD reviewer's thoughts are true for these bands, so I'm going to make a list of the bands here for future reference:

The Audreys (
Backseat Romeos
Beat Smugglers (
Brillig (
Everest (now known as Kasavett) (
Foreshore (
Hot Lies (
The Jerks (
La Femme La Fever
The Levitators
The Pharaohs (
The Phobias
Stolen Youth (
Wolf & Cub (
The Yearlings (

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