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Public Art
Mon, 28th Nov, 2005 0:00

I think the value of public art can be recognised by imagining what a city would be like without it - dull and lifeless.  Public art is far more accessible than art within galleries and so its viewing is an experience which is shared and can be discussed with many.  When compared to art within galleries, interacting with public art can be a much more hands on experience.  Public art can be used as a meeting place and something to which memories can be attached. I have many childhood memories of climbing on top of a large amount of public art (especially this one). 

For the past few weeks, I've been taking photos and making a map of public art within Adelaide (the map is here).  Currently, I've taken around 60 photos around the CBD, so the map is in no way comprehensive.  I hope to get around 20 more in the city and then take some photos in the suburbs when I have time to ride my bicycle out there.

Using the photos I've taken so far as a reference, some of my favourite pieces of public art in Adelaide would be:

Carpark Members Only - as it appeals to the collector in me
The Fones at Adelaide Uni - I like this primarily because of the large number of opinions I've heard as to what they are
The Slide - the girl looks so enthusiastic
The Spheres - I've organised to meet so many people there and have seen so many people interacting with it (well, hitting it)
The Knot - I remember wondering how The Knot was made when I was about 10.  I imagined a very strong person made it.


Van Tuong Nguyen
Sun, 27th Nov, 2005 10:00

As more discoveries are made into the reasons for human behaviour, as the amount of history people have to look back upon increases and as we gain a better understanding of our position in the universe, I imagine that people would become more and more humane towards each other.  I don't mean this in any mystical sense, such as theories stated in the Celestine Prophecy, but just as something that is a natural consequence of the increase in human understanding.  The general trend over time has been for governments to abolish the death penalty.  Australia officially abolished capital punishment nationwide in 1985.  The last person to be executed in Australia was Ronald Ryan in 1967.  At the time, strong campaigns were run against his execution.  More on Ronald Ryan and the protests against his execution can be found here.

The Singapore government has scheduled Van Tuong Nguyen to be hanged on the 2nd of December.  (the Wikipedia entry on Van Tuong Nguyen is here) Amnesty International has a page here with recommendations for urging authorities to stop the execution.  Dunc Nuggets has a post here on the barbarism of the death penalty.  Pavlov's cat has a post here containing some reflections on the death penalty.

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Bus Tickets
Fri, 25th Nov, 2005 11:00

A while ago I heard a rumour that Adelaide Metro would trade 100 used Multitrip bus tickets for one new Multitrip bus ticket.  It seemed plausible - 100 used Multitrips represent an investment of around two years of travel and Adelaide Metro collecting and recycling used tickets would be good for the enviroment.  However, before potentially embarrassing myself I decided to send an email:


i've heard that if someone collects 100 used multitrips they can trade them in for one new multitrip. is this true? i have a large number of used multitrips.


and after about a week a reply came back

Thank you for your enquiry,

Unfortunately you can not trade 100 used Metro Multitrip Tickets for a new
Multitrip Ticket.

Yours kindly,


Obviously my next question was then: so now what am I going to do with 100 used Multitrips?  Fortunately,  it was then that I heard about a clicker thing which could be made from a Multitrip.  It turned out they're quite fun to make and click.  I've put steps for making a clicker and a video of the clicker in action here.


Big Brother 06 Auditions
Thu, 24th Nov, 2005 12:30

Who said reality tv fame doesn't last?  Hotdogs has his own tv show, Tim made a celebrity appearance at the industrial relations reform protests and writes for the Chaser (his last article on 'How to Lose Big Brother' is here) and Gianna was last seen a few weeks ago in a Channel 7 news story about flooding in Adelaide (video here).  For anyone wanting some of this fame, the Big Brother 06 Adelaide Auditions are on today.  I had planned to get there around 8am for the 9am start and get some good photos (apparently some people camped at the Morphettville racecourse overnight), but slept in, arrived at 9:40 and got these photos instead.  

I didn't audition, but from what I could tell, the process went as follows:  people auditioning would first be given an appearance release and confidentiality agreement to sign.  The confidentiality agreement basically said if you sign it, you're not allowed to talk to anyone about Big Brother.  Then after lining up for a few hours, the people would each be assigned a number and divided into three groups and be asked to yell things like 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie' and 'Lets go Adelaide, lets go', or just yell (see the video here).  The groups would then be taken inside.  I didn't get to see inside, but someone on the tram ride back to the city told me once inside, people were asked to perform group activities such as forming a human sprinkler, crawl on the ground, or pretend to kiss another person auditioning.  I've heard that in last year's auditions, some people were paired off, boy-boy, boy-girl, girl-girl, and told to simulate sex, others were asked to cluck like a chicken.  The last thing the person on the tram told me was that she was asked who in her group she would most like to have sex with.  From my time at the auditions, I'd say my answer to that question would have to be 'no one'.

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Wed, 23rd Nov, 2005 12:30

Around March this year I thought it would be fun to make a multiple choice type quiz on Adelaide/South Australia.  After making a fairly simple, but functional quiz interface in a few hours, I was quite optimistic about the idea.  The next part of the plan was to come up with 10 multiple choice questions per day for three months, perhaps taking a break on holidays and public weekends.  Around day three of the plan I came across a problem I encounter fairly often: general hazy ideas are quite easy to come up with, but implementing and maintaining enthusiasm about the ideas can be difficult.  As it turns out, thinking of multiple choice questions about Adelaide in spare time is quite hard.  Eight months later and I have a fair number of questions, but not as many as I'd like. The quiz is here.


Wed, 23rd Nov, 2005 12:00

Tear Down New Laws (
THE state's anti-terror laws should be scrapped, according to an influential legal body which claims they are unjust and ignore fundamental human rights.

More delays for airport debut (
ADELAIDE'S new airport terminal is unlikely to open to domestic travellers until next month.

Leslie warned on speaking out (
Former Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld says Michelle Leslie should be careful about revealing the circumstances of her release from a Bali prison.

More News...                    Weather...

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Mon, 21st Nov, 2005 22:00

When I first had a blog, I would just write whatever came to mind and then click submit.  Eventually I'd come back, re-read my posts and be amazed at how many spelling errors, typos and grammatical mistakes they would contain. This formed an incredible dent in my ego. Now I run posts through a spell checker before submitting them.  However, this doesn't fix problems with grammar.  My latest problem was deciding which was correct out of 'There were a large number of people' and 'There was a large number of people'.  I felt the second sounded correct and I knew 'There was a large group of people' was correct, but eventually found the first was in fact correct.  Drew has an entertaining blog called Grammar Nazi. His latest post is on the use of colons and semicolons and can be found here.

Some other posts from Adelaide Blogs: 

Tani has a post here on someone she knows who is into serial killers

*** has some questions here on the definition of emo. some answers appear in the comments

Stepharoo has posted photos of the winner and the loser of Australian Idol


Michelle Leslie
Sun, 20th Nov, 2005 13:00

The headline on the Sunday Mail announcing the release of Michelle Leslie read 'ECSTASY OF FREEDOM'.  Was this supposed to be some sort of anti drug message proclaiming the joys of freedom that many take for granted over the joy provided by drugs, or was it just a bad pun?  I've put a photo of the headline and some other photos of puns around Adelaide here.

Apparently the politeness of Michelle Leslie during her trial was a contributing factor towards her release. I was stopped by the police for riding my bicycle at night without a front light.  While the policeman sternly told me that this was a serious offence which carried a large fine, I felt more and more like taking a Saddam style 'I do not recognise your front bike light laws' approach. However, I instead took the Michelle Leslie polite approach and got let off with a warning.  I'm not saying being polite is something that will work in all legal situations, but it's certainly something worth remembering.

There are some photos (one possibly not safe for work) of Michelle Leslie here, together with links to articles which follow her trial.  More Michelle Leslie news can be found here.


Fri, 18th Nov, 2005 12:20

It took me around two months to think of the name Adelaide Index.  'Adelaide Blogs' was always a possibility for a title, but it seemed too specific. Plus I wanted a name with an 'X' in it as I think they sound cool in an 80s tech type way.  I think coming up with names is something that many people find hard.  Jacob has a post here on the difficulty of thinking up fake names and band names

Some other posts from other Adelaide Blogs:

Mel has a post here which mentions someone being tackled to the ground by police while running for the train yesterday

Ms Smack has a post here on two swinging couples she knows

Samela has a post here on Donald Rumsfeld playing squash


More Rumsfeld
Thu, 17th Nov, 2005 22:40

Some photos of the Rumsfeld protest here
Photos from the 2003 anti-war protest in Adelaide can be found on the New Internationalist website here.

and some Rumsfeld news:

Security breach as Rumsfeld flies in (
IN an embarrassing security breach numerous guests staying at the Hyatt Hotel were yesterday mistakenly given full details of U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's two day itinerary in Adelaide.

We're Even Closer Now: Rumsfeld (
U.S. PRESIDENT George W Bush has ordered an extensive upgrade of Australia's access to U.S. intelligence, the country's Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld revealed yesterday.