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Mon, 12th Dec, 2005 16:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs:

Stewart has a post here containing a review of Cibo he wrote in 2002 (which contains the line 'Cibo's days are already numbered')

Max has a post here  on the race riots in Cronulla

Saathiya has a post here on Christmas


Motorhead / Motley Crew
Fri, 9th Dec, 2005 0:00

My only real experiences of Motorhead have been seeing them play Ace of Spades on perhaps the best Young Ones episode, Bambi, and then quite a few years later hearing Ace of Spades again on the Playstation singstar game.  As for Motley Crew, the only thing I know is that the book 'The Dirt: Confession of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band' is supposed to be quite good.  That and the one episode of  Tommy Lee goes to College I've seen. Ianto has a post here about last night's Motorhead / Motley Crew concert at the Entertainment Centre. beerwulf has a post here.

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Best blog competitions
Thu, 8th Dec, 2005 15:00

Perhaps not really Adelaide related, but blog related: This week the winner of the $10,000 prize in a competition run by a web hosting provider to find Australia's best blog was announced.  This resulted in an uproar from some bloggers with a few claiming the competition to have been rigged - the winner was a blog about travelling the world recording the sounds of bridges.  Perhaps the best post about the competition is this one here from Charles Wright, one of the independent judges involved.  Professor Bunyip has a conspiracy theory here.  Observation deck has another here. Tim Blair has a bashing of the winner, rather than of the competition here.  Darren Rowse has a list of the competition's top 11 blogs and some suggestions for future competitions here.  A response from the winner to criticisms can be found here.

Vlado has been running a no cash prize Australian blog competition for a number of years.  Nominations for this years competition can be placed here.  Thanks to whoever nominated the Adelaide Index.


Tue, 6th Dec, 2005 16:00

Some posts from blogs around Adelaide:

Zane knows former Saddam Hussein security team member Oday Adnan Al Takriti and has written a post about him here.

Matt has a post here on UniSA's tips for surviving bird attacks

Aminah has a post here on the good and bad of summer

marla has a post here on an upcoming quiz night in Adelaide which has a focus on pop culture and Adelaide knowledge


Mon, 5th Dec, 2005 16:30

PM steps in over Saddam's minder (
Immigration officials are not to blame for allowing a former bodyguard to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to live in Australia, Prime Minister John Howard says.

Airport delay into January (
THE frustrated boss of Adelaide Airport said yesterday it was possible the domestic terminal would not open until January.

More News...                     Weather...


Mon, 5th Dec, 2005 0:00

I've put some photos of people lining up for U2 tickets at different outlets around the city here.  Tickets go on sale in a couple of minutes from now at midday - the photos were taken around 10:30 am.  The actual concert is on March 28.  It's always interesting to see how quickly tickets go from being sold at an outlet to being sold on ebay.  ebay search results for 'u2 adelaide' are here. As a reference, the original prices for tickets are $99 for general admission, $130 for B-reserve and $150 for A-reserve.


Fri, 2nd Dec, 2005 15:00

A little while ago i read this post on Lisa's blog. I found it quite interesting. It got me thinking. What if a similar study was done with blogging with perhaps similar drugs or perhaps different. What i thought was someone could do a normal post on a particluar subject, then a post while drunk on another subject and then a post while on caffine or something.  I think this is a really good idea.  At the moment im at the tail end of a work christmas party.  I reckon I've had around 10 standard drinks.  Well, 8 glasses of wine and 2 beers.  After the party im going away for the weekend to Maslins and am quite worried about the adelaide index as i'll be away from it for two days...the longest i've been away from it for quite a while.  I've decided to disable comments...if i can still change the its been getting quite a bit of spam over the past few weeks. anyway, hope every one has a good weekend.

Update (sun night): 
Comments re-enabled.  When I typed the above message on Friday afternoon, I had considerable problems focussing on the screen, I could type quite quickly and typing felt good, but there were a large number of mistakes.  The first two times I tried to disable the comments code, I stopped the whole website from working...and I sincerely really wanted everyone to have a good weekend.


Thu, 1st Dec, 2005 12:30

Today is the first day of Summer (pic here), so it is perhaps a good time to take a look back at the weather of Spring.  I've been collecting predicted and actual maximum and minimum temperatures on the weather page since August, so Spring is the first season I have a complete set of data for.  I've made some graphs comparing predicted and actual temperatures and put them here.  The page also contains a table of the data used to generate the graphs and links to movies of the weather for each day..  In hindsight, I think I should probably have been collecting rainfall figures as well.  Adelaide experienced severe flooding around the 8th of November.

The data I've collected on the weather has been taken with permission from the Bureau of Meteorology website.  The timeliness of the information is my responsibility.  The Bureau of Meteorology website has a page here with a brief description of how they forecast the weather.  The images of the weather have been taken with permission from a Transport SA webcam. I've collected the images, cropped them, resized them, added weather and time info and turned them into movies.


Wed, 30th Nov, 2005 0:00

The South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) officially modified its member's area dress code for this year's cricket season.  The dress code which in place last year saw men turned away for wearing collarless shirts and women turned away for wearing strapless dresses.  The new dress code has been labelled as 'commonsense' by SACA - dressy singlets and strapless dresses are fine, bare midriffs are not.  In the general admission area, however, anything can go - within reason.  Petstarr has posted a guide for women attending cricket matches here.  Carolyn has a post here on the shifting of Test matches and the hotness of Michael Clarke.

Some other posts from Adelaide blogs:

December 01 is World AIDS day. James has a post here on an issue raised in 21 Jump Street - the treatment of HIV and AIDS sufferers by others.  Stephen has some statistics on AIDS and HIV here.

Both Andy and Drew have writted posts about morning television's comments on Michelle Leslie and the media. Andy's post is here, Drew's post is here.  A video of Michelle Leslie's press conference can be found here.

Lisa has a post here about the disappearance of news articles and images relating to a piece of political artwork about Nguyen Tuong Van

Zane has a post here on Coopers Vintage ale


Tue, 29th Nov, 2005 0:00

Last Thursday some asked me if I thought I was shy.  The answer to that question is: yes, I can be quite shy.  They then read me a suggestion from a psychology textbook on how to overcome shyness: 'look people straight in the eye and announce your name and purpose in a loud and clear voice'.  The obvious subtext to all of this is that shyness is a bad thing which needs to be overcome - there weren't any suggestions in the textbook on how to deal with boldness.  I don't think I have chronic shyness, but I think I have enough for it to inhibit certain aspects of my life.  For example, if someone I didn't know started talking to me I would probably end up having a conversation with them, but I don't think I would ever be the one to initiate the conversation.  Sometimes I see people around Adelaide who I'd like to talk to, but don't.  Usually there's no logical reason for not talking to them, just a feeling of being afraid.  That's what I mean by shyness being inhibiting in my life.

So I made a plan to overcome shyness.  I decided that on Friday at around 6pm I would walk the one mile from West Terrace to East Terrace down Hindley Street, Rundle Mall and Rundle Street and stop and ask people if I could take their photo.  I made two rules: 

1. I had to explain to the people that I was attempting to make a collection of photos of people around Adelaide

2. I wasn't allowed to linger while finding the courage to ask someone.  I had to just go straight up and ask them.  I made this rule as I thought lingering would make me look like a stalker.

I imagined that by the end of the walk I would have around 90 photos and shyness would no longer be a problem.  The walk ended up taking two hours and I at the end of it I had 5 photos.  It surprised me how nice all the people were that I asked, but the idea of asking more people terrified me.  Over the next few days I was able to force myself to ask some more people.  Again I was surprised by how nice and friendly everyone was.  I'm still not close to the 90 photos I thought I would have, but hopefully I'll remedy that over the next few weeks.  I've put the photos I have so far here.