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Mon, 16th Jan, 2006 0:00

Punk Rooster from the SA Footy forum has written his account of Shutzenfest here

Some photos of Shutzenfest appear on the Shutzenfest website here.


Thu, 12th Jan, 2006 17:00

Thanks to people who have been sending in emails. I'm slowly going through them.

Third Cat sent a link to Adelaide Airport's New Terminal webcam (here), which is useful for watching the lack of activity at the terminal in real time.  The Sunday Mail has a recap here of some events which have occurred in the 3 months since the terminal was supposed to open for domestic flights.

Sixteen Across is a website which contains stories set in Adelaide. New stories are published every Monday and Thursday. Each story serves as a clue to a crossword which bears a resemblance to grid layout of the Adelaide CBD.

Adelaide Art  is a website which contains photos of street art from around Adelaide.


New Year
Mon, 9th Jan, 2006 11:00

It seems inevitable now that I'll feel more tired at the end of a holiday than at the beginning.  Anyway, some photos and videos here.  

I've put together a list here of the top 1000 words used in Adelaide blog entry titles in 2005.  There are a couple of problems with the list: 

1. I've only been collecting the information since around April
2. I can only collect title information for blogs which have a RSS or Atom feed (which is around 90%)

Other summaries of 2005:

Spoz has some 2005 lists here

Mark has been making 2005 lists on his blog here

DJ Craig has his top albums of 2005 here

dB Magazine's 2005 dBra winners can be found here


Thu, 22nd Dec, 2005 0:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs:

Saathiya has a post here about her parents' theories on her dating habits

Stewart has some remarks here on Testament: The Bible Odyssey, or as its alternatively known, the Bible with the boring bits taken out

James has posted here something he wrote in 2003 about deciding to be celibate

Zane has some links here to summaries of 2005.

Ms Cynic has a recap of 2005 here

Rowan has a post here on the Victoria Square Christmas Tree guard


Mon, 19th Dec, 2005 13:00

Two older, similar posts from Ms Cynic and Miss Italian Cutie here and here.

One newer post here from Jacob on porn, libido and sex education.


Sun, 18th Dec, 2005 0:00

It's about time (
DOMESTIC flights finally began from Adelaide Airport's $260 million terminal yesterday, with new QantasLink services set to pump more than $10 million in tourism spending into the SA economy.

Tram: You say no (
THE State Government's plan to spend $21 million to extend the Glenelg tramline has aroused strong community feelings with a resounding public rejection of the project.

Schapelle's mother 'right' about pictures (
ROSLEIGH Rose will travel to Bali to hand-deliver photographs of her daughter with an alleged drug dealer to prove they were taken in Kerobokan Prison.

More sharks patrol Adelaide beaches (
THE fear of more sharks off the state's beaches this summer has heightened.

Jobs go as Ratbag's new owner pulls plug (
THE Adelaide-based game developer formerly known as Ratbag will be closed down by its Chicago-based owners just five months after it was bought for more than $7 million.

Hunch led to Murdoch arrest (
IT was the hunch of a South Australian country policeman that ultimately put Bradley John Murdoch behind bars for the murder of British backpacker Peter Falconio.

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Thu, 15th Dec, 2005 12:00

Shortly after reading about the then proposed, now passed sedition laws, I had to go look up sedition in the dictionary.

Sedition: Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state

The Sydney Morning Herald Entertainment blog has a post here on the liability of Australian bloggers for content on their blog.  Andy has a post here which questions what is so wrong about sedition laws.  Gary has a post here which makes a case for charging Alan Jones under the new sedition laws in relation to his comments on the Cronulla race riots.

Some other posts from Adelaide blogs:

Thirdcat has a post here on the proposed tram line extension.

Stephen has a post here on weblog awards and the criteria for a good blog

Ian has a post here containing a lunar mosaic he has made.


Coopers News
Wed, 14th Dec, 2005 16:30

Results from today's Coopers EGM - Extraordinary General Meeting 

Coopers Shareholders Dismiss Lion Nathan (
Coopers shareholders have voted overwhelmingly to remove Lion Nathan from the Coopers Constitution.

Coopers shareholders stymie Lion Nathan bid (
Coopers Brewery shareholders have placed the $420 million takeover bid from Lion Nathan Ltd in grave doubt after voting to strip the trans-Tasman brewer of its pre-emptive right to buy shares


Wed, 14th Dec, 2005 16:00

Some news here about the the closure of the Midway Australian Studio in Adelaide (previously Ratbag Games). Midway bought Ratbag in August this year for around $6m to form an Australian studio.


Tue, 13th Dec, 2005 19:00

Race attacks spread to Perth, Adelaide (
Attacks on a Middle Eastern family in Perth and a Lebanese Australian taxidriver in Adelaide have been linked to Sydney's race violence.

City tram line plan is 'crazy' (
THE $21 million plan to extend the Glenelg tramline down King William St to the North Tce railway station has been blasted as "crazy" by the RAA.

Six injured as car hits pie cart (
A MAN is recovering in hospital with chest injuries after his car slammed into Adelaide's iconic pie cart

Corby Link in SA Drug Raid (
SOUTH Australian police have seized photographs of Schapelle Corby with an Adelaide man who has just been charged with marijuana smuggling.

Green light for Carnegie (
THE final rubber stamp has been given for the U.S.-based Carnegie Mellon University to set up its Adelaide campus next year.

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