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Tue, 14th Feb, 2006 16:00

Some posts from around Adelaide:

Andy has a post here on Valentine's day

The Regional Support Clerk has a post here on a lady who manages to avoid paying rent

Danny has a post here on scalpers and the not sold out U2 concert

Cam has a post here about climbing around a building site.

The Valhalla LAN party forum has some suggestions here for Valentine's day restaurants in addition to discussion on whether an SMS message can be considered romantic

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Mon, 13th Feb, 2006 15:00

ADELAIDE Airport's new terminal finally is expected to be fully operational by Friday morning, with domestic airlines moving in the night before.

Slave Labour for $40 a Day (
IMPORTED Indonesian workers have allegedly been paid as little as $40 a day to dig ditches in the South Australian desert.

Most of us are rusted-on (
As the State election campaign meanders toward March 18, it is interesting to look at some of the factors that influence our choices as we quietly register our vote in the solitude of the polling booth.

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Thu, 9th Feb, 2006 11:00

Posts from Adelaide blogs:

Lisa has a post here on the abortion drug RU486

Thirdcat has a post here on the Crows handing out fast food vouchers in schools (and KG's response)

The Regional Support Clerk has a post here on public housing in South Australia

Pavlov's Cat has a post here on Amanda Vanstone

FunkyJ has a post here on the closure of Ratbag


Wed, 1st Feb, 2006 0:00

Sniffer dogs 'to lift drug danger' (
THE presence of drug detection dogs at the Big Day Out concert on Friday could increase the number of drug overdoses, a medical expert has warned.

Authorities investigate Adelaide website (
WHITE supremacist "crusaders" have gained a foothold in Adelaide, setting up a racist website attacking "Jews, niggers and mud races", and soliciting for donations.

Ratbag from another perspective (
New reports from former Ratbag employees have indeed confirmed earlier accounts of the demise of the company at the hands of the new US owner Midway Games. 

Booze ban for Francis (
CONTROVERSIAL talk-back radio star Bob Francis has been directed not to drink alcohol while on air following his tirade against a senior magistrate.


Mon, 30th Jan, 2006 16:00

Petstarr has a post here on a condition suffered by the lead singer of Wolfmother

Pavlov's cat has a post here on the PM's Australia Day speech

Nathan has a post here on the new look of Yahoo! mail

Daniel has a post here on the murder in Loxton on the weekend

Lauren mentions here some superstitions associated with Chinese New Year


Wed, 25th Jan, 2006 12:30

Whale vomit could net family millions of dollars ( - The World Today)
A family on South Australia's remote west coast has made a potentially million-dollar discovery - not of gold or traditional precious metals, but a lump of whale excretion.

Terminal frustration (
Adelaide's new airport terminal is virtually empty and losing half a million dollars a week. Michelle Wiese Bockmann asks who's to blame.

Power Crews Blame Bosses (
ETSA failed to properly prepare for the weekend heatwave which left 50,000 homes without power, a group of company linesmen claimed yesterday.

Smoke Alert Across South Australia (
Residents across South Australia are advised that smoke blanketing many areas of the state is believed to be the result of fires occuring in Victoria.

New trams can't take the heat (
THE new Bay trams have been taken out of service because their airconditioning cannot cope with Adelaide's heat.

Brilliant: Our new label (
A NEW logo to spearhead the revamp of SA's image - South Australia. A brilliant blend - will be launched today.

Hilltop Hoods (
Sure, the Hilltop Hoods might well be the most successful hip-hop group the country; but they're not immune to the trials and tribulations of we lesser mortals


Mon, 23rd Jan, 2006 17:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs:

Matt has a post here containing stories from pubs around Adelaide

Peter has a (perhaps tongue in cheek) post here containing his impressions of Adelaide after arriving from India

Pavlov's Cat has some advice for tennis commentators here

Stephen has some comments here on the recent power failures within Adelaide

Dan has a post here with some criticisms of eBay's feedback rating system and ideas for a better system


Tallest Buildings
Fri, 20th Jan, 2006 15:00

I recently found an entry in Wikipedia listing the tallest buildings in Adelaide and thought it would be a good idea to make a graph (which I've put here).  The graph compares the height of the 10 tallest buildings in Adelaide to height of the Eiffel Tower, the Washington Monument, the Great Pyramid of Giza and the 10 tallest buildings in the world. This page on also has a list of the tallest buildings in Adelaide with illustrations for some of the buildings.  This thread on the forum contains an image of what Adelaide would look like with a 750m tower (the Burj Dubai).

A list of the tallest buildings in Australia can be found here. A list of the tallest structures in the world can be found here.


Tour Down Under / Flickr Photo Sets
Wed, 18th Jan, 2006 17:00

nl has some photos here from the first day of Tour Down Under.  The Tour Down Under website has more photos and news.  The Advertiser has an article here which states: 'The Adelaide City Council's motto is "You are Here", and last night, it seemed most of Adelaide was.' and 'the real winners were the spectators'.

Some other Flickr photo sets:

Hazel Motes has a set of photos of Adelaide street art here

cyberfez has some photos from last December's Vespa rally here

ravephotographer has some sets of photos of the last Enchanted Forest here

I've been collecting photos of Adelaide from around Flickr and putting them here


Wed, 18th Jan, 2006 0:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs:

Pipstar has a post here which partially discusses the closure of the Midway Australian Studio (formerly Ratbag Games) and her reaction to it.

Beerli has a post here on why she likes living in Adelaide

Matt has a post here on whether life is over after 30

Andy has a post here on reacting to an emergency