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Mon, 27th Mar, 2006 0:00

As I entered the garden of unearthly delights for the final time last Sunday, a lady at the gate turned to me and said 'don't be so sad, honey'.  Sure, things ending can be a sad moment, but I knew the Fringe would be back next year.  It wasn't the end of the Fringe/Festival that had gotten me down.  I'd just come out from seeing Brokeback Mountain.  Jeez that Ennis could be a stubborn guy.  Some photos from the Persian Garden/Garden of Unearthly Delights/People's Portrait and buskers here.


Wed, 22nd Mar, 2006 0:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs: 

Vicki has written here about the current auction of her hair to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation

Adelaide Writer has quite a good coverage here of the South Austrlian elections

Spoz has a number of photos here of people around Adelaide wearing a brown paper bag on their head.


The Flying Trapeze
Fri, 17th Mar, 2006 0:00

Some photos of the Flying Trapeze in the Garden of Unearthly Delights here


Wed, 15th Mar, 2006 0:00

David Byrne has been posting to his journal here on his experiences in Adelaide putting on his PowerPoint talk and Here Lies Love - including instructions that pie floaters are to be eaten when drunk

Tidy Boy has a review of Here Lies Love here

Carolyne has a description of her cycling tour of Fringe visual arts exhibits here and here

Tilda has some reviews here of shows she has seen at the Fringe/Festival 

Jonny has a post here lamenting changes at Zhivagos

Vee has a photo here of herself and her husband kissing on the People's Portrait


Tue, 14th Mar, 2006 0:00

A large number of photos of Womad from dizzyvision here

and some photos from robb here

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Wed, 8th Mar, 2006 0:00

Posts from Adelaide blogs:

Matt has an Adelaide Festival of Arts wrap-up here

Kerryn has a summary here of days 1 and 2 of Adelaide Writer's Week

Spoz has a long post here covering the Fuse Festival, the opening of the Adelaide Festival of Arts, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, the Persian Garden and Supermild

Andy K has a post here about insulting the real MC Hammer


Il Cielo che Danza (The Dancing Sky) / Persian Garden
Sun, 5th Mar, 2006 0:00

Something about a house near the Torrens, a guy who likes to burn things, a cat that plays with marbles, an old professor..I got a bit lost trying to follow it all.  Anyway, the story didn't seem all that important, rather an excuse to put things in the sky while playing some well known tunes (eg a floating piano with the old call waiting music). Considerably better than the last Adelaide Festival opening, which seemed to involve people wandering around the Torrens' banks in the dark wondering if they were at the right place. Some blurry videos and photos of The Dancing Sky and The Persian Garden here.

Pavlov's Cat has a good description of the night here

Ian Riley has some better photos than mine here


Thu, 2nd Mar, 2006 0:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs:

Stephen and Michelle have a timely post here containing tips on etiquette at the theatre

Spoz has a post here on what the man who's mind can see what his eye's can't didn't see

Nathan has a post here about appearing in the Messenger in an article on blogging

Melissa has a summary here of Adelaide University's O'ball

Danny has a story here he heard while hosting a rock music show on 5AN in the 90s


Fringe Parade
Mon, 27th Feb, 2006 0:00

I've put some photos and movies from the Fringe parade here

the website has plenty of Fringe photos here

the best thing i've seen so far has been la clique.


Adelaide Airport
Fri, 17th Feb, 2006 0:00

Adelaide Airport webcam:

Airport news releases: