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Wed, 25th Oct, 2006 15:00

Some Posts from Adelaide Blogs:

j-ster has a post here on the Myer Centre suicides

Mojo Hannah has a photo here of irony in the Advertiser

sighmon has some photos here from an abandoned building on Fisher Street in Fullarton

myspace has a thread here about haunted places in Adelaide

Matt has a film clip for his band here

Peter Combe has a myspace page here


Belle and Sebastian
Wed, 14th Jun, 2006 10:00

So basically what I learnt on Friday is that if you go to a Belle and Sebastian concert and comment to someone that you'd like to have heard more of their older stuff, you're going to be labelled as pretentious.  Is this true only for Belle and Sebastian?  What if I said the same thing at a Cold Chisel gig?  What about a Beethoven recital?  Anyway here is a video of Stevie Jackson singing a song about Adelaide (filling in time while Sarah Martin went to the toilet) - I only got the last half of it because of camera trouble.

Tidy Boy has a review of the concert here.


Hutt Street Library
Sun, 4th Jun, 2006 13:20

I've been told by a couple of reliable sources that the weather animations on this site are quite boring.  In an attempt to provide some interesting content, here is a timelapse movie of the Hutt Street Library on a Saturday (the timestamp in the movie is incorrect, the movie covers from around 9am to around 6pm).  Ok, perhaps still boring, but just wait until I add the Phillip Glass soundtrack.


Wed, 31st May, 2006 12:00

Some posts from Adelaide Blogs:

RK has a post here on his mathematical proof that there are virtually no good single girls available

Raoul Duke has a post here on toilet etiquette

Jaycee has a post here about things she is liking in Adelaide at the moment

Audrey has a post here on things she hearts

Matt has a post here on how train signals work

Ianto has a post here on the value of the modern novel


SA History Week
Tue, 23rd May, 2006 0:00

As part of SA History Week I went on a tour of the Queen Adelaide Room at the Town Hall.  Before the tour I was quite concerned I might be the only person attending - a tour group of one person in a single room seemed like it might be awkward.  However, everything was ok - there were two other people.  The tour was quite interesting covering such things as: the naming of Adelaide as the first city in Australia with a woman's name; how Queen Adelaide and King William IV were engaged and married; the Beatles visit to the Town hall; the pattern on the carpet, Queen Adelaide's foot size, etc.  Some photos of the room here.  SA History Week ends this Sunday the website is 


Google Maps
Fri, 19th May, 2006 0:00

Google street maps for Adelaide here (search still can't find my street tho)


Thu, 18th May, 2006 0:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs:

Steve Thomas (who has a blog here) has produced visual representations of the University of Adelaide Library's catalogue and searches of the catalogue (here and here)

Zane has a post here about looking for the best coffee in Adelaide

tani has a post here about the women's toilets in the Exeter

Pavlov's Cat has a nice photo here of Adelaide at dusk from near Carrick Hill


Wed, 10th May, 2006 0:00

Some posts from Adelaide Blogs:

Audrey has a review of the Suicide Girls show here

RK has some criticisms of netball here

Tidy Boy has a post here on his personal experiences with the Go-Betweens

Spoz has some translations here of the sayings on the back of Adelaide Metro Bus Tickets

Zane has a post here containing photos of the results of the explosion on Pirie Street last week

Chaz has a post here about visiting IKEA on its opening day

Geoff has a post here on the reality of SA/Vic rivalry

FezTV has videos and photos of the Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Festival and Womadeleide here


Mon, 10th Apr, 2006 0:00

In 2002 a wireless network was established around the Adelaide CBD for delagates of the World IT Congress.  In September 2003, the network became CityLAN, providing wireless internet access to customers of cooperating ISPs.  Currently, CityLAN provides free wireless internet access to anyone in the CBD.  It is planned to remain free until its full commercial launch. More details can be found here

Lisa has used the CityLAN coverage guide to produce a map which shows where good CityLAN coverage can be obtained in the CBD. I've put a copy of the map here.


Mon, 3rd Apr, 2006 0:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs:

Jennifer has some quite nice photos here of Chesser Street in the city

Shai has a post here on appearing in an article on blogging in Saturday's Advertiser 

James has a post here on the Federal Governments recent comments on civil unions

Lauren has added 'in bed' to quotes found on Adelaide Metro bus tickets here

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