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Big Brother
Tue, 10th May, 2005 15:30

What could happen when 12 single people, 1 we thought you were single, but then you got a girlfriend in the last two weeks person and 2 single alternating twins enter a house where there's no tv, books or radio but there are double beds which have to be shared and alcohol?  It's certain the producers of Big Brother have some idea.  Perhaps the next housemate challenge will be the housemates have to remove their clothes and rub their bodies against each other.  None of this is a criticism , I'm already addicted.  Ms Cynic has posted her thoughts on each of the housemates here, while Catalienne has created a shrine page to the 'hotter and cuter' Logan twin, Greg.  Reverend Timothy has noticed something strange about the star signs of the housemates here.  The Advertiser has some information on Adelaide housemate Gianna here.

Car Free
Thu, 5th May, 2005 21:30

I remember several years ago seeing posters around Adelaide announcing car free day, a day where no cars would be allowed into the CBD.  I thought about this for a while and became excited, but also wondered about its feasability.  The day came and perhaps predictably, there were the normal amount of cars in the CBD. Car free day wasn't an official event.  Just some people sticking up posters. Then there was the day North Terrace was closed to traffic and covered in grass.  It was nice.  Not that practical, but nice.  Afterwards, there was talk of the grass becoming permanent. That didn't happen either.  Still, Adelaide has a listing on the website for rundle mall.

More recently, I've heard about Adelaide Critical Mass, an event held monthly where bicyclists get together to ride the streets.  Matthew has attended a critical mass event and has written about it here.

Tue, 3rd May, 2005 14:20

Slashdot has a front page article about CityLan's Wireless service providing free internet access to anyone in the Adelaide CBD.  Previously, access was restricted to members of certain ISPs.  The article was written by Daniel O'Conner who has a blog here.  Comments by slashdot members on the article quickly turn to Adelaide bashing, Maslins and Ben Folds.   More on the CityLan wireless sevice and the name change from Citilan to CityLan can be found on this thread on the Whirlpool forums.  The thread was started by Simon Hackett, the managing director of Internode and Agile.  

Other Slashdot articles connected to Adelaide include one on Linus Torvalds being spotted in Adelaide for 2004 and an article on a man who harvested capacitors for backyard munitions.

Thu, 28th Apr, 2005 16:00

Sure, Magic Mountain is no more, but Adelaide still posesses other subjects to inspire photographers. Flickr has around 1200 photos with a tag of Adelaide.  I've made a list of some of them here.   The Urban Planet forums has some nice aerial shots of Adelaide city, which are all posted by one person, but look like they may have come from various sources.  Searching for images of Adelaide on the internet usually reveals the Roy's Adelaide website which has a couple of nice photos, but i've mainly mentioned it as it posesses a 'made with amiga' logo. There is also the Adelaide Alleyways and Side Streets Project which has a number of interesting photos.

Kent has created his own memory map - a map of Adelaide with his memories attached via Flickr's annotate feature.  The map he has used is from Terraserver,  which provides a zoom-in-able satellite view of Adelaide.  The maximum resolution of the satellite image is 1 pixel = 15 meters and the images were taken in 1999. Therefore, if you zoom in and squint in the Glenelg area, you might just be able to make out Magic Mountain.

Sun, 24th Apr, 2005 20:30

Saturday May 7th is Free Comic Book Day and comic book stores will be giving away comics from a special list.  Last year Pulp Fiction Comics was the only participating store in Adelaide, but this year The Comics Shop and Adelaide Comics Centre will also be participating.  It will be the fourth free comic book day internationally and the second for Adelaide.  Daniel Best who runs the website has a blog here.

The Cheese Bandits website recently posted a list of webcomics from around Australia.  Adelaide webcomics listed are: 24 Hr Cynic, Dragon TailsRiot City ComicsPlufim Comics  and Cheese Bandits.  The Aussie Comics website also lists Jim Reilly and The Mary Comic as Adelaide webcomics.

Thu, 21st Apr, 2005 13:30

I think it would be fairly safe to say, without being accused of over generalising, that most people eat. When not eating at home, deciding on a restaurant can be a difficult task. Newspaper/street press reviews can be difficult to search through. Online restaurant reviews seem like the perfect solution. Rooview is a recently started Adelaide restaurant review site. The frequency of reviews has slowed down since the beginning, but it will still be interesting to see what they make of it. The Drex blog has a restaurant review section which seems to have started from a distrust of Sol from the Advertiser. Restaurants are rated in terms of Food, Bevvies, Service, Setting and Value. The Advertiser/Sunday Mail's online restaurant reviews are here. jeem had a fairly extensive restaurant review section, but it seemed to be removed as a result of spam from competing restaurant owners.

In food related news, Morgan Spurlock kept a blog while promoting Super Size Me in Australia last year. His entry from Adelaide is here. He gives pie floaters a positive review and refers to Today Tonight as Australia's top rated entertainment show, though with these new documentary makers, it can be difficult to detect sarcasm sometimes.

Wed, 20th Apr, 2005 0:00

A common theme amongst many bloggers is that of relationships. Having relationships, not having relationships, having problem relationships, wanting relationships, not wanting relationships, etc ... I'm sure you get the picture.  Some Adelaide blogs have recently been giving tips and advice on this subject.  Petstarr has some advice for men who want to take part in online dating while Andy has some tips for single people here and here.  For people who want to know what other people are looking for in a parter, Adrian has a potential partner criteria list from Carly and also a list of his own.

Architecture in Helsinki @ Jive
Tue, 19th Apr, 2005 0:00

Not just to see how all 8 members plus instruments will fit on a fairly small stage, or to go Adelaide indie spotting, the Architecture in Helsinki gig at Jive this Thrusday 21 April will be worth going to.  They will be supported by local band Hit The Jackpot. Jess from Hit the Jackpot has a livejournal here.

Subculture Problems
Mon, 18th Apr, 2005 0:00

One problem associated with being part of a subculture group in a small city such as Adelaide is where to buy the clothes.  This thread on the forum deals with this topic from the perspective of Adelaide goths.  Younger goths compain of the high prices that result from the monopoly Dragon's Blood has over goth clothing in Adelaide, while older goths relate the do-it-yourself attitude of the 80s, which could involve borrowing accessories from their pets.

The forum also has a thread on where to buy goth clothing in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne and online to help people who require corsets, chunky boots, cloaks, robes, dog collars, pirate shirts, chain shirts and even plaid.

Ken Stringfellow + Even, Bit by Bats + The Grates
Sun, 17th Apr, 2005 0:00

Ex-Posies and REM's on-tour keyboardist, Ken Stringfellow, appeared with Even last Thursday night at the Grace Emily. tani, who lent her piano to Ken for the night, had previously expressed concern about the number of cocks potentially at the gig, but was relieved to find only two mild cocks.  Personally, I believe no farm animals should be allowed to enter pubs (ba boom boom tish).  Tani's review and opinion of solo performers can be found here. Amber has a more positive review here and has posted some photos from the night here.  Ken has a news/blog section on his website, on which he has been posting to from various parts of Australia (but not Adelaide).

Bit By Bats and The Grates performed at The Jade Monkey on Friday night. Noranna has a review with photos here and Andrew has a slightly shorter review hereSpoz has more photos here.