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Last Things
Fri, 3rd Jun, 2005 13:30

Going to the beach, the smell of body odour and grease, windows which don't open, legs stuck to the seat from sweat, weirdos staring. Good times. The Glenelg Tramline is temporarily closing this Sunday 5 June until Sunday 7 August to allow for the coming of the oddly named Bombardier Flexity Classic Trams. The current, sensibly named type H trams are the oldest trams still running in Australia. They are also the longest rigid trams in Australia. More tram facts and tram history can be found here. More pictures of the Flexity Classic Trams can be found on the Bombardier website here.

Russian Teammate will play their fairwell show on Saturday June 4th. DJ Craig, who has a livejournal here, will be djing. Obviously, from noting the correlation of Gallagher-hairstyles and Russian Teammate fans, some people will be torn between Russian Teammate at 11:20pm and getting a free coffee at the Big Star midight opening for the release of the new White Stripes, Oasis and Coldplay albums.

Mr Wednesday will play their last gig for a while on Saturday June 11th before going to the studio for recording. Ryan and Luke from Mr Wednesday have livejournals here and here.

Sun, 29th May, 2005 21:30

It's the old story... a girl appears in a play and writes about it in her blog (here). The play gets a good review (here), which starts with 'Feigning an orgasm astride a horse. Miming self-flagellation. Full frontal nudity'. Fan of the girl's blog goes to the play and writes about it on his blog here.  Another girl attends the play afterparty and writes about it here.

Schapelle Corby
Sat, 28th May, 2005 10:40

So, quite a large number of blog posts are going around about the Schapelle Corby verdict.  I'll make a list of some of them:  Saint, DenizenGT, Sam, Lauren, Shannon, Andy, Drew, Film Fanatic, Dave, Pete, Joel.

Information on South Australia's Cannabis Expiation Notice Scheme can be found on the Help End Marijuana Prohibition website.

SA Dance Music Awards
Tue, 24th May, 2005 21:30

The ninth South Australian Dance Music Awards were cut short on Monday night after a fight broke outMs Cynic, who was at the event, writes about it here.  Discussion on the SA Music Awards can also be found on this thread on the forums.  The raveadelaide forum always seems backwards to me as earlier numbered pages contain the most recent messages.

Henry Rollins
Tue, 24th May, 2005 0:00

Whenever I think of Henry Rollins I think of how great the songs "Six Pack" and "TV Party" are.  As a result, most people who like Henry have no respect for me.  Sazzoid attended Henry's spoken word performance at the Norwood Town Hall on Saturday night and writes about it here.  I thought I would find more people writing about Henry, but perhaps everyone has been too busy with the latest "Sudoku craze" as reported on the front page of the Advertiser on Friday. dB has an interview with Henry here.  The Mark of Cain, an Adelaide band whose 'Ill At Ease' release was produced by Henry, have a website here.

Star Wars Episode 3
Fri, 20th May, 2005 11:30

So how geeky is this week? The final episode of the first series of Battlestar Galactica on Wednesday, the new series of Dr Who starts Saturday, and the release of Star Wars Episode 3 on Thursday.  Spoz attended the midnight screening of Star Wars at Marion and has a spolier free review and photos of people in costume hereAmber gives a warning to people about dressing up as evil Star Wars characters when going to the movies here. Shannon has a possible spoiler containing review of Star Wars hereAndy writes about sitting close to nerds at movies here.   Alison has a livejournal which covers making costumes for movie releases here.

Former chair of the SA Writer's Center, Sean Williams, who has co-authored three Star Wars novels and apparently was writing 1500 words per day, has a web site here.

Thu, 19th May, 2005 14:30

Whatever happened to apathy within Adelaide? The first time I saw Ben Lee in Adelaide I bought the tickets on the same day as the concert. This time I went to buy tickets a week early and they were sold out. Same with The Shins. The first time they came I bought the tickets at the door. Second time, sold out. Perhaps this early ticket buying is a good thing. I still remember the pain people went through when Run DMC cancelled their Adelaide show from lack of ticket sales. Maybe next time Sigur Ross will come to Adelaide. Motley Crew tickets go on sale next week. Should I be buying them 7 months in advance to avoid disappointment? How can I even know that in 7 months time I'll still think it would be funny to see Motley Crew and Motorhead? Is it too late for Interpol?

Anyway, Noranna has a large number of photos from the Ben Lee gig here and Catalienne has a post about the gig here which includes a Ben Lee hugging photo. I've heard from someone else's first hand experience that Ben feels really bony to hug, so it's nice that Catalienne could still tell him that he is really, really hot. Carly has a nice story about last week's Darren Hanlon gig here and after reading it i have a new appreciation for Bree Van Reyk's breasts.  Jaycee has a post about Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds here.

I almost went to the musical instrument sale at Wayville Showgrounds on the weekend after seeing the ad which claimed '50-90% off major brands', but getting there seemed too difficult. Wenna has a post about the sale here and Pete has his post about the sale here.

Mon, 16th May, 2005 1:50

This website has received a fair number of visits from people looking for the Origin Energy Christmas party photo of Gianna, so rather than disappoint anyone, I've put a link to it here.  The "lie sheet" is on the official big brother website here.  The Adelaide City Council promotional video Gianna appears in is here (TVC Living).  Finally, for the people who have searched for 'gianna big brother nude' there is an exclusive photo here.

Update (again)!

Gianna's interview as a Face of Adelaide finalist can be found here.  (link from Zane who also informed me no nude pictures of Gianna exist. Zane has a blog here which has a picture of Gianna's dress for the 2004 Origin Christmas Party here).

The Advertiser meets with Gianna's ex here.

Ern Malley
Fri, 13th May, 2005 15:30

Samela Harris, daughter of Max Harris, was recently contacted by Mediawatch about an article she had written last year for the Advertiser.  She writes about Media Watch on her blog here.  The Mediawatch researcher attempted to associate an artist exaggerrating to Samela with the Ern Malley/Angry Pengins experience of her father (which some say killed modernism in Australia).  More on the Ern Malley hoax can be found on the jacket magazine website and on  The Mediawatch story can be found here.

As well as arts articles, Samela Harris also writes the Net Adventures column for The Advertiser, which is where i got the following links from:

Adelaide Toilets rated on the Bathroom Diaries website.

Advice on sleeping in the current Adelaide Airport on the Sleeping in Airports website.

Wed, 11th May, 2005 17:00

Is your hair placed at an angle across your forehead?  Do you wear a combination of obscure band t-shirts with the latest op-shop fashions?  Do you think Westing (By Musket and Sextant) is the best Pavement album ever and that Slanted and Enchanted was overproduced? Do you run your own zine? Do you wear badges? Did you think the Shins were cool until Garden State came out?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you might be interested this competition from DJ Craig for a poster girl/guy for his indie nights.  At the moment this entry from vickola is a finalist, and while looking nice, doesn't look that indie.