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Mon, 18th Jul, 2005 16:40

Luckily, the Anime and Video Game Convention took place last weekend, appeasing the despair felt by many nerds after the controversy of the Buffy related Slayercon '05Chrissie has photos of and writes about AVCon hereWarning: her post has a spoiler about Harry Potter and also contains a photo of 'emo love'.

For people interested in nerd hygiene, the Valhalla forum has a thread about hygiene at LAN parties here.


Harry Potter
Fri, 15th Jul, 2005 11:00

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be released tomorrow.  Alison writes excitedly on her blog here about making a Hufflepuff robe and helping Lisa with her Quiddich robe for the event.  Based on Alison's Gryffindor robe, Babylon 5 ranger costume  and LOTR Eowyn Green robe, people entering the Borders creative costume judging at 7:30am will be in for some tough competition.


Winter Enchanted
Tue, 12th Jul, 2005 15:30

The word on the street last week from traditional media sources was that if you're only taking Red Mitsubishis, you're soft.  Hard drugs should consist of at least 90% poison.  The reason behind the timing of this annocement in relation to Winter Enchanted on the weekend is unclear.  Photos from Winter Enchanted can be found here and here.  Photos from the after party can be found here.  The award for 'person who was most likely to be very cold due to non-sensible clothing' goes to this person.  Discussion of Winter Enchanted can be found on this thread of the forum.


Adelaide Festival of Ideas
Mon, 11th Jul, 2005 22:00

Talks on internet related matters intended for the general public are typically disappointing, as either the speaker has little technical knowledge, has trouble speaking in public, has misjudged the knowledge of the audience, or a combination of all three... And so we come to the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and the session entitled 'Blogs, wikis and the creative commons'.  Before the talk, things looked favourable on technical side of things, as the speaker, John Quiggan (who has a blog here),  had an impressively sized beard.  The introduction to the talk by Samela Harris (who has a blog here) was quite good, despite some embellishments which could most likely be put down to enthusiasm, an example of which is referring to John as the elder statesman of the Australian blogging scene (he's only had a blog since 2002).  Despite the beard, the talk was on the less technical side of things, covering such topics as what is a blog, aren't blogs great, here's my blog, what is a wiki, isn't wikipedia big, etc.  Eventually, John exposed his beard as a non-technical beard when he tried to open an html file with PowerPoint and by claiming his webpages didn't work properly as a result of copying from Mac to Windows when it was fairly clear the problem was he hadn't copied the stylesheets for his pages. So, as expected, the talk was quite disappointing.  The questions after the talk showed what the talk could have been.  Members of the audience asked questions on Open Source software, the Creative Commons Licence and Copyright and John seemed most interesting when answering these questions with a perspective from his field of expertise, Economics. Sadly, Samela announced time was up before everyone had finished asking questions.  As for how this talk related to the theme of the festival, 'what is to be done?', who knows. 

Regardless of any of this, the Festival could be considered to be a success with all the sessions I attended (with the exception of the blog one) being full and most turning people away.  Starting from Monday 11th of July sessions will be broadcast on Radio Adelaide (the schedule is here) with some sessions being available for download where the speaker has given permission.

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Google Maps Part 2
Fri, 1st Jul, 2005 13:30

Google has officially released the Google Maps API for use by external people.  This means web pages such as this one (from Adelaide Index) can be created by people from outside of Google.  The page on the Adelaide Index site shows a map of Adelaide and allows anyone to add an annotation to the map by going here, or by clicking the link on the page.


Cabaret Festival
Fri, 1st Jul, 2005 12:00

This year's Adelaide Cabaret Festival ended last saturday and I still only have a vague idea of what cabaret is.  Pre-Cabaret festival, PetStarr wrote an entertaining post about Will Anderson here.  The Australian had a story here which might be helpful in the understanding of what cabaret is and how the Adelaide Festival fits into cabaret.  dbMagazine has reviews of cabaret shows here.

Hopefully after the Adelaide Festival of Ideas, which begins on July 7th, I will have a better understanding of what an idea is...

Google Maps
Wed, 22nd Jun, 2005 0:00

Google has added higher resolution images to Google Maps for Australian capital cities, allowing for more detailed images of places such as Victoria Square, Adelaide Airport, Cafe de Vilis and Le Cornu, apparently the  worlds largest full-or-self-service furniture Warehouse and air-conditioned Showroom (1970).  Images seem to be at least a year old as Magic Mountain can still be seen.

Ozcomics 24-hour online challenge
Tue, 14th Jun, 2005 14:30

This year's Ozcomics 24-hour challange took place last Saturday, June the 11th.  Participants were required to create a (preferably 24 page) comic book within 24 hours.  The comic books had to include a randomly chosen object only revealed on the day.  The object for this year was 'kipper'.  Adelaide-based Mark Selan, who organised the event, has a blog here.  A very brief overview of the history of comics and a short interview with Mark can be found on The Australian's website here.  The Adelaide entrants (with links to their entries) were: Alvin Chan, David Milne,  Jo Kerkham, Daniel McKay, Sarah Milne, Tim Dawson, Tina Fazzalari,  Erin McGregor, Owen Heitmann, Josh Lee, Loren Morris, and Mark Selan.  A list of all the entries can be found here.

For Adelaide people interested in comics, monthly meetings of cartoonists are held at the Grace Emily.  Details can be found here.  Tyndal writes about attending the meetings on his blog here.

Thu, 9th Jun, 2005 14:30

The recent growth in the popularity of poker is generally attributed to three things: poker on television, the ease of online poker and Chris Moneymaker, an unknown who won the $2.5 million World Series of Poker 2003 prize after qualifying for $40 from an online poker site. Another internet qualifier, Greg Raymer, winning the 2004 World Series of Poker didn't hurt online poker either. Still, the term for an internet qualifier in a real life tournament is 'dead money'.

Local Adelaide poker player, rk, writes about how he recently left his job to become a professional poker player here. Matt writes about meeting people obsessed with poker here. DrDogChop presents his view of online poker here.

Last night, the SA Poker Championships were cut short after being raided by the police. tilda and rk write about attending the event here and here. The forums have a thread about the event and the raid here. The Australian Poker Association, which ran the event, have a thread about the raid here.

For people interested in the law, South Australia's Lottery and Gaming Act can be found here. Information on Australia's Interactive Gaming Act can be found here.

Mon, 6th Jun, 2005 15:30

The most I know about Hanson is Mmm Bop,  Zac is the cute one, Taylor is the hot one and Isaac is....well, the old one. That and the 8 long and lonely years we've had to wait for them. However, I did enjoy reading belinda's account of meeting Zac in the mall and discussing the malls balls, going to the concert and getting a hug from Zac and the resulting "photos of a happiness that will make her happy forever"