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Universities, Booker Prize, Look Both Ways
Mon, 15th Aug, 2005 0:00

I read an article on the weekend which discussed in part the selection process for Big Brother 2004 housemates.  The 30,000 audition tapes were rated between 0 and 5 by two Big Brother employees and then  Big Brother, Kris Noble, would the watch the videos that scored either two fives, two zeros or a zero and a five.  The lesson to be learned from this is that if you want to be noticed, you either have to be really good, or really bad. So we come to the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia, which came 36th and 37th in a list of Australia's 38 publicly funded universities.  The rankings were partly based on drop out rates, pass rates, the number of graduates who go on to full time employment and student feedback forms.  According to the Advertiser, the Vice Chancellor of Adelaide University said the result was no real surprise as the data related to 1999 - 2002.   The media release from the University of Adelaide on the rankings (which mistakenly places the university at 35th) can be found here.

Last week, South African born Adelaide Resident, John Coetzee, was announced as one of 17 finalists for the Booker Prize for fiction.  John Coetzee was offered a position at the University of Adelaide in 2002 to mentor postgraduate creative writing students.  A list of previous winners for the Booker Prize can be found here

Also last week, David and Margaret awarded Adelaide based film Look Both Ways 4.5 stars each.  A special screening of Look Both Ways will be held on Tuesday at the Nova, with a question and answer session with writer/director Sarah Watt afterwards.


Adelaide a terrorist target?
Fri, 12th Aug, 2005 14:20

I've always been a little worried about South Australia labelling itself as 'The Defence State'.  Is it the same as painting a target sign on ourselves?  Richard Tonkin has written a response here to yesterday's article in the Advertiser on whether Adelaide is a potential terrorist target.  He states that with the likelihood of three US Cabinet Secretaries coming to Adelaide for seperate conferences in November, the most likely time for a terrorist attack in Adelaide would be between now and then.


Public Transport
Tue, 9th Aug, 2005 14:00

A few days ago a person smiled and said hello to me. She looked familiar so I stopped, smiled and said hello back.  Then, after a moment of silence, we both realised that we didn't actually know each other, we just caught the same bus each morning.  Of course, this event now means I can never catch that bus again.

Drew has a post here about the Belair line train.


Tue, 2nd Aug, 2005 13:00

The worst toilet in terms of cleanliness I have ever been to was one in a small pub in Beijing at 2am.  The second worst was probably the Exeter toilets on the 1st July this year at 10pm.  This topic on the Adelaidians livejournal discusses the best toilets in Adelaide.  Personally, I'm not revealing my favourite toilet as I figure the less people that use it the better.  The National Public Toilet Map has a listing of all the public toilets in Adelaide here so people can plan daytrips with confidence.

Krystle has a description here of the toilet near the war memorial.


SALA Festival
Fri, 29th Jul, 2005 13:00

The eighth South Australian Living Artists Festival begins today and runs over the next three weekends. Pippa writes here about the Archer's Arcadia exhibition at the Adelaide Central Gallery in Norwood. Some of the walking tours look interesting, especially the Adelaide Graffiti Guided Tour which takes place tomorrow from 1-2pm starting from the Exeter.  Many people have been saying good things about the Fiona Hall exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia, dbMagazine has a review of the exhibition here.


I've put some photos from the Graffiti Guided Tour here.



Shuttle Launch
Wed, 27th Jul, 2005 16:30

The Space Shuttle Discovery containing Adelaide Astronaut Andy Thomas has finally launched despite NASA being unable to find the problem with the fuel sensor.  Lateline had a special program covering the event, which can be viewed here.  The official Return to Flight website, which mentions two 'debris events' during take-off, is here.  NASA TV can be found here


Jean Charles de Menezes / Bombings
Tue, 26th Jul, 2005 17:00

With a shoot-to-kill policy and the Ian Blair admitting more people could be shot in the search for bombers, will Londoners be more afraid of terrorists or the police?  One thing is for sure, sales of heavy clothing and backpacks are going to decline.  Saint writes about the Jean Charles de Menezes shooting and some suspicious Adelaide people here.

The findings of an inquest into the bombing of the National Crime Authority in Adelaide in 1994 can be found here.


Sun, 24th Jul, 2005 6:20

DJ Craig writes about the sold out Interpol gig at Heaven here.  Nathan writes about the gig here. The Adelaide thread on the Interpol message board is here.

Jess writes about meeting Daniel from Interpol at the airport here.


Zines/Street Art
Fri, 22nd Jul, 2005 15:20

Recently I've heard a few people pronounce 'zine' as if it rhymed with 'line'.  This troubled me, as for years I had believed 'zine' was pronounced 'zine' as in the end of 'magazine'.  In addition, a few years ago a Victorian asked me why i pronounce 'graph' to rhyme with 'path' and not 'graph' as in start of graphic.  So as is fairly clear now, my life is full of uncertainty.

I had the opportunity to resolve the zine dilemma last saturday with the Synagogue Place Street Art Mart/Zine Fair, which featured readings and a walking tour by Adelaide zinesters, but was scared off by the rain.  One of the zinesters, Ianto, writes about the day here (Ianto also has a introductory article to zines here and an old page about ianto spotting can be found here).  Pippa writes here about having a bicycle accident while rushing home to cook biscuits for the fair.  Another zine author, Andrew, has a blog here. A repeated photo from a previous (2004) synagogue place rooftop street art event can be found here.


Photos with famous people
Wed, 20th Jul, 2005 12:30

Jess has a large number of photos of herself and Tess here with various bands which have played recently in Adelaide.  The Nick Cave photo looks photoshopped, but I'm giving it the benifit of the doubt. 

Reverend Timothy has taken photos of himself and ex-BigBrother 05 housemates, Gianna, Michael and Michelle.

Ms Cynic has a photo of herself and Chris Taylor here.