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Some Posts
Wed, 14th Sep, 2005 14:30

Some posts from Adelaide blogs with no particular common theme:

PetStarr has written a post here on the latest McDonalds TV advertisement.

Ms Smack has written a post here about penis size/girth preference.

Reverend Timothy has a post here about appearing as an M&M in a shopping centre.

Big Kev has a post here about being ambivalent towards football.


Clue To Kalo
Tue, 13th Sep, 2005 22:00

In 2000, Adelaide electronic music label, Surgery Records, released the Super Science album 'Love Like Life In Miniature'.  The album received good reviews and was one of Triple J presenter Fenella Kernebone's top 10 albums for 2000. In 2003 Super Science became Clue to Kalo and 'Come Here When You Sleepwalk' was released by the American independent record label Mush Records.  This led to an American tour, an MGM employee seeing the New York show and a track from the album being included on the American remake of L'Appartement, Wicker Park.  The Pitchfork review (here) of 'Come Here When You Sleepwalk' described the track 'Empty Save the Oxygen' as near-perfect.  Last Friday saw the local launch of the second Clue To Kalo album at the Jade Monkey.  Noranna has some photos from the Jade Monkey here (click on the left side of the photos to go backwards). dbMagazine has an interview with Mark from Clue To Kalo here.  Jeem has a post about Clue To Kalo here.  Mark from Clue To Kalo has a blog here and  there are a large number of photos of Mark on the Dirty Loop / Mush Records website here.

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Tue, 13th Sep, 2005 14:30

No footy in House (
Proud Adelaide fan Liberal backbencher Trish Draper was forced to remove her Crows scarf during Question Time yesterday

Lion Nathan challenges Coopers statements (
Multinational brewer Lion Nathan has accused its takeover target, the South Australian family-owned brewery Coopers, of making misleading statements.

Footballer to have finger cut off to aid game (
A South Australian footballer is taking the unusual step of having one of his fingers amputated to improve his playing prospects.

Graffiti recruiting website resurrected: Opposition
The Opposition says it still has concerns about local websites promoting illegal activities, after South Australian police shut one down yesterday

Baxter menu fails to meet standards (
An independent review of food services at the Baxter detention centre in South Australia has found that not all standards are being met.

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Crows V Port Showdown
Thu, 8th Sep, 2005 15:00

As far as I can tell, Port Power supporters hate the Crows because of the SANFL's involvement in the denial of Port Adelaide's attempt to enter the AFL in 1990 and the resulting entry of the SANFL formed Crows into the AFL in 1991.  Port supporters had to wait, watching Crows games, until 1997 when Port Adelaide was finally accepted.  Conversely, as far as I can tell, Crows supporters hate Port Power because of a history of Port Adelaide hatred within the SANFL.  That and because of the colour teal.  News of the segregation of fans in this Saturday's Showdown because of fears of violence has been denied by the AFL and is written about on the website here.  Kym has written here about the difficulty in dealing with BASS to get tickets to the event.  More on Crows and Port history can be found in their Wikipedia entries (Crows here, Port here)


The Royal Adelaide Show
Wed, 7th Sep, 2005 12:30

Here's an idea: why not schedule the show so it coincides with school holidays.  Yes, I know it's supposed to coincide with the start of spring so people can show off their new tractors, pigs, woodchopping skills etc.....just like Christmas isn't about the presents.  Maybe I'm just bitter.  My school never had a 'show day'.  Susan S has some nice photos from this year's show here.  I particularly like the human cannonball one.  Oli Young also has some show photos here. Chickenpluka has written a post on his livejounal here about going to the show and becoming Gene Simmons.

The surprisingly good Royal Show website is here and contains interesting trivia such as 'Showbags are unique to Australia.'.  There is also an A-Z list of reasons to visit the show (it looks like they struggled with Q and Z).  Sadly there's not much information on the "Twin Flip", the 6th best carnival ride in the world. Or is it the 5th? It's so hard to keep track these days.


Tue, 6th Sep, 2005 0:00

Shark victim tells of battle with white pointer (

Crows fed seeds of doubt (

Game on, already: McLeod (

Coopers ruling slows Lion Nathan bid (

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Tue, 30th Aug, 2005 16:30

Should the purpose of advertising be to inform people on their choices or to trick people into making choices?  I usually don't mind being tricked as long as I don't know it's happening.  Decision making with too much information can be difficult.  Matt and Lauren have written about the new 'non-religion' Jesus television advertisements here and here.  Jeem has written about a Greenpeace rock video and has some photos of the Rainbow Warrior which recently visited Adelaide here.  PetStarr has written a post about sex in advertising here.


You Are Here
Wed, 24th Aug, 2005 16:30

I've been trying to decide which marketing slogan I would prefer if I had to choose between 'Adelaide - You Are Here' and the old 'SA - Going All The Way'.  I think I would choose the latter - at least it's humorous and kind of makes sense.  Although 'You Are Here' does have the catchy song to go along with it.  Pete has written a blog entry here about the 'You Are Here' monument near the Torrens river.  Perhaps the city council marketing department should take some tips from the Church of Scientology.  They have been successful in capturing some high profile people.  Kev has a post about the Adelaide Church of Scientology here.  On improving things for Adelaide, Matt has some suggestions here he would come up with if he was given the role of an Adelaide Thinker.


Fri, 19th Aug, 2005 15:00

A couple of years ago I went on a trip to India. My first stop was Delhi and upon arriving at the hotel, the owner informed me he had prepared the 'good room' for me.  This was a room in the middle of the hotel, surrounded by other rooms and so had no doors or windows leading directly outside.  I found later it was called the 'good room' as it was the room most insulated from the sight, smell and sound of Delhi.  However, the insulation turned out to not be enough, the noise still got through.  Upon arriving back in Adelaide, the first thing that struck me was how quiet everything is here....  Noise complaints have caused the Exeter to move bands away from the beer garden at the back.  Spoz has some photos here of Sweeper playing in the front room last Friday, as well as a photo of Shotz and some of the Cheese Factory.


Keith - local boy made good.
Wed, 17th Aug, 2005 14:30

The ability to make important decisions is a characteristic of most successful people.  Questions requiring decisions might be: choosing whether to be known by your first name, Keith, or your middle name, Rupert; deciding on what is appropriate content for page 3 of one of your newspapers; or something like choosing whether you should use your influence to push personal political views.  Samela Harris has written a post about meeting Rupert Murdoch when she was 22 here. The wikipedia article about Rupert is here.  Some people believe the future for the media is online.  Zervoid has a post about journalists vs bloggers here.  Gary Sauer-Thompson has a post about Rupert's speech on the survival in the digital world here.