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Sat, 1st Oct, 2005 12:00

Here's a theory: throughout their lives, people mostly remember their teenage years and early twenties.  People who control the content in the media are usually in their mid to late thirties or early forties.  When these people run out of new ideas, they look to the period in their lives they remember the most.  Therefore, retro revivals are usually from 15 - 20 years ago.  That means we're just about to leave the 80s and move into the 90s. Nathan has a post on his blog here with a 90s theme.  Petstarr has a post here about dreading the return of the 90s.  For those still in the 80s, Spoz has some suggestions here.


Fri, 30th Sep, 2005 12:00

Photos from the Finish Line of the World Solar Car Challenge (

Not in our back paddock (
Neither the public nor politicians are behind Bob Hawke's proposal to make Australia the world's nuclear waste dump

Josh survives Great White attack (
Kingscote resident Josh Berris had a 26th birthday he will never forget last Sunday when he fought off a massive Great White Shark at an isolated surf location near Cape du Couedic on the Island's west coast.

One in four South Australians lives in poverty (
A report launched today says that almost one in four South Australians lives in poverty.
(the blueprint to eliminate poverty in South Australia is here)

Adelaide to host World Day of the Sick (
THE Pope has chosen Adelaide to host an international conference with a focus on health care and human dignity next February.

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Wed, 28th Sep, 2005 22:30

Hisyam is a Muslim from Malaysia now living in Adelaide. He has written a post here about the first time he looked for a mosque in Adelaide.

Samela has written a post here on the Advertiser's briefing of the 2006 Adelaide festival.

Scott has a post here which mentions Adelaide public art and compares it to Window's desktop customisations.


Some Music News
Mon, 26th Sep, 2005 22:30

Last week saw the signing of Adelaide band Wolf and Cub to the UK label 4AD.  4AD is best known as The Pixies' record label, but has also has had releases from such bands as The Birthday Party, Lush and The Breeders.  The Remote Control Records website has more on the signing here.  Some Wolf and Cub tracks can be heard on their myspace site here.

If you went to a No Through Road gig from late 2004 to mid 2005 you would probably have heard that the slightly mournful song 'ive forgotten how to make you cum' had reached number 3 in the Triple J Net 50.  No Through Road has just released an album, Lo-Fi Sandwich, which can be downloaded from the No Through Road website here.  Matt from No Through Road has a blog here.  Noranna has some photos of No Through Road here.


Attn Bloggers in the north of Adelaide
Thu, 22nd Sep, 2005 17:00

Petstarr has a post on her blog here looking for bloggers in the north part of Adelaide who are interested in getting some possible media attention.


Shoes on power lines
Thu, 22nd Sep, 2005 0:30

Apparently shoes on power lines means there is a drug dealer in the area.  It serves as both an advertisement and a warning to other drug dealers to keep off their turf.  Well, it seems Adelaide has had an explosion in the number of drug dealers advertising lately.  I've seen at least 3 pairs on Magill Road.  Alternatively, you could believe that it's all an urban myth.  More sightings of shoes on power lines and some explanations can be found on the adelaidians journal here.  Nathan has a photo of some shoes on the St Bernard's Road power lines here.  The Snopes entry on shoes on powerlines is here and the Straght Dope entry is here.


Wed, 21st Sep, 2005 12:30

Snowtown killers ate bits of last victim (
He was their final victim, but this time killing wasn't enough for Snowtown serial murderers John Bunting and Robert Wagner.

SOUTH Australians are being urged to consider boycotting petrol stations that charge high fuel prices.

Hicks's defence team 'not ready for trial' (
Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks's defence team says it is in no way ready to proceed with a military commission trial next month.

Aussie film scores top award (
AUSTRALIAN film Look Both Ways has won an award at the Toronto International Film Festival, which is often seen as the kickoff to Oscar season.

Watt animates life in Adelaide (
Well played, splendidly directed and shot and with a story worthy of such fine work, Look Both Ways stands out in an inconsistent couple of years for Australian cinema as a beacon of creative hope.

Our population is moving in the wrong direction (
SOUTH Australia's net loss of population to other states doubled within a year, the most recent national charting of migration shows.

Family feud over Cooper shares (
AN Adelaide socialite and member of the beer-brewing Cooper family will probably sell more than $30 million worth of the brewer's shares if she wins a family feud over her aunt's estate

Backwell on letterman (
Brett Backwell (the sanfl player who amputated his finger) flew out to new york this morning to appear on the late show with David Letterman. This is not a joke.

Adelaide United maintain unbeaten streak (
Adelaide United maintained its unbeaten start to the A-League season with a 2-1 victory over Perth Glory in Perth on Saturday night.

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Tue, 20th Sep, 2005 21:30

On the weekend I rode my bicycle from the city to the Kensington Road Lookout.  Well, when I say rode I mean rode, rested, walked, rested, rode, rested, walked and then rode the final 100m so I could pretend to people at the top that I rode the whole way.  I'm not used to much physical exercise and when I got to the top my arms and legs were shaking.  There wasn't much to rest the camera on, but I was able to take this photo. Next time I'll have to bring a tripod in my backpack...

Some other people who have written about their weekend:

Samela Harris has written a post here about speaking at the South Australian Writers Festival

Ms Cynic has written a post here about the Bugg'n hip hop show at the Shores Complex.

Noranna has some photos here from the Adelaide Peace Festival.


Fri, 16th Sep, 2005 14:00

MP Ellis denies Latham harassed her (
The federal Member for Adelaide, Kate Ellis, says former Labor leader Mark Latham never sexually harassed her.

For better or worse, here's the new Magic Mountain (
THE building to replace Magic Mountain on Glenelg's foreshore - due for completion by the end of summer - has already been branded "ugly" by Holdfast Bay's mayor.

Problems for Coopers (
ADELAIDE'S Coopers Brewery is truly an anachronism - a 19th century company that's alive and doing rather well in the 21st century.

CROWS MIND GAMES: Preliminary final comes down to cat and mouse (
ADELAIDE boasts it has the game - and team - to win anywhere, anytime and against anyone; even a refreshed West Coast at Subiaco Oval in tomorrow's AFL preliminary final.

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Adelaide Peace Festival
Fri, 16th Sep, 2005 12:00

Jeremy Gilley, the man who convinced the U.N. to fix the date of International Peace Day on September 21 and emphasise it as a day of global cease-fire, has been often quoted as saying 'If you build a house, you start with one brick. If we want to build peace, why not start with one day?'.  This is a good analogy, especially once you ignore that to build a house, before starting with one brick, you need to have money/get a loan, find and buy a block of land, get a conveyancer, have a building plan, get approval for the building plan, prepare the land and build a foundation.  The third annual Adelaide Peace Festival, which commemorates the International Day of Peace, is on this Sunday from 12pm to 8pm in Light Square.  Zane has written a post on the Festival here.  dB has an article about the Festival here.  The Adelaide Peace Festival website is here.  The U.N.'s page on International Peace Day is here. Luigi Funesti-Sordido has written a post about the deportation of peace activist Scott Parkin here.

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