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Fri, 14th Oct, 2005 13:00

Carolyn has a post here which contains the text of a talk she gave on Radio Adelaide about Adelaide Oval

Andy has a post here on decoding the occupations people say they have when meeting people

Petstarr has a post here on speed dating at the Art Gallery 

Emma Sara has a post here on the article in the Advertiser about Shotz

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Vulture / Adelaide Festival
Thu, 13th Oct, 2005 12:30

I meant to watch the new ABC arts program 'Vulture' on Tuesday for its coverage of the Adelaide Festival, but was so distracted by a girl who could drink water with her nose and squirt it out her eye and a really cringe inducing sketch between Peter Helliar and Ben Lee on Rove that I almost forgot all about it.  I did manage to see the panel on the Vulture say something like the coming Adelaide Festival should be better than recent Adelaide Festivals, which have had their problems.  The same could probably be said about the Vulture program itself.  Pavlov's Cat has written a post on Vulture here.  A large number of negative comments about Vulture can be found on its guestbook here.

Samela has a post about the Festival program launch at the Airport here.

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Wed, 12th Oct, 2005 12:00

Bob Francis on Mediawatch
This week's Mediawatch on the ABC had a story on 5AA's Bob Francis calling an 81 year old lady a 'dick brain' on air.  The transcript and link to a video of the story are here.

Adelaide Festival program released (
The full program for next year's Adelaide Festival has been unveiled. (the Adelaide Festival website:

Program 'a work of genius' (
THE 2006 Adelaide Bank Festival program proved an instant hit with guests at its launch last night.

Adelaide Festival projects to world (
GIANT video screens in New York's Times Square and other major cities will take next March's Adelaide Bank Festival to the world.

Adelaide retains building height cap (
Adelaide City Council has unanimously voted to retain its development plan which limits to three, the number of storeys allowed for buildings in North Adelaide.

Protesters criticise SA same sex couple laws (
A few hundred people last night rallied on the steps of Parliament House in Adelaide against the state Government's bill to recognise same sex couples.

Airport terminal evacuated after white powder found (
Adelaide airport's domestic terminal has been evacuated after a white powder was found in a baggage handling area.

Internode to offer free airport Wi-Fi (
Broadband ISP Internode will offer free wireless hot-spot access at the new Adelaide Airport terminal.

Supersonic jet launch 'successful' (
Japan has hailed the test of a supersonic jet in South Australia's outback as a success.

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Tue, 11th Oct, 2005 14:00

Scott has a post here about the age of people in the Adelaide media.

Big Kev has a post here about the feasibility of not driving to work in Adelaide

Nathan has a post here which follows up on the retro post on here a little while ago.

Lauren has a post here on trading letters with American prisoners.

Nick has a post here on the fun people can have on a night out in Adelaide.


Adelaide Airport
Mon, 10th Oct, 2005 13:00

So, $260 million and 10 years so people don't have to walk across the tarmac and then an open day whose main feature was a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to walk on the tarmac in the rain.  Perhaps that's facetious and a bad attempt at irony, but I always enjoyed walking across the tarmac, rain or no rain.  It felt like I was in Casablanca, or was one of the Beatles.  Anyway, the new terminal is long (apparently the same distance as from North Terrace to Victoria Square), has 14 aerobridges but only 2 travelators, has chairs with armrests that seem like they're there more for aesthetics than any practical reason and has a very nice view of planes taking off and landing with the Adelaide Hills and the city in the background.  I've put some photos from the open day here.  The quote I remember from the paper was one where a person says when they're in the new airport it's like they're 'not in Adelaide anymore', as if that was a good thing.  As I left the airport, I heard someone say, 'It's better, but it's still not as big as the Kuala Lumpur airport'.

Brad has some pre-open day photos of the Airport here.


Sat, 8th Oct, 2005 12:00

Adelaide opens long-awaited airport (
Adelaide's new $260 million airport terminal has been officially opened. 

Frog-sniffing scientists win Ig Nobel (
Stressed frogs that smell like cashew nuts or curry, and a 76-year-long laboratory experiment, have earned Australian scientists Ig Nobel prizes this year.

Hydrogen fuel cells the answer (
FUEL cell cars powered by hydrogen are the answer to the world's future transport needs, a conference has been told.

Petrol almost ran out (
THE arrival of an oil tanker yesterday carrying more than 30 million litres has helped to prevent a desperate fuel shortage in South Australia.

Suburban lockdown (
THE discovery of a bag of chemicals and what was believed to be detonators caused a lockdown of seaside roads in southern suburbs

Howard's $60m plan to save water in SA (
PRIME Minister John Howard today will announce more than $60 million worth of South Australian water conservation projects.

Internet 'more robust' than thought (
The Internet can withstand attacks on its infrastructure better than people think, say researchers.

48 Hours In: Adelaide (
Escape the British winter in the restaurant capital of Australia. There's also plenty of culture to feast on, says Frank Partridge

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Thu, 6th Oct, 2005 22:00

I recently spoke with someone who had returned to Adelaide from a holiday in Wellington.  He said he didn't want to come back.  His theory was that even though Wellington has a lower population than Adelaide (around 400,000 in Wellington region), Wellington seems more exciting as the people are not as spread out.  Sarah, who moved from Wellington to live in Adelaide, has a blog here and it's quite interesting reading how her perception of Adelaide changes.  She gives her reasons for choosing to move to Adelaide in a post here.  Her first post from Adelaide is here and describes Adelaide as 'lovely'.  A post three days later here makes the observation that Adelaide seems deserted.  This post, a week after arriving, says that 'Adelaide is NOT the buzzing bohemian and cosmopolitan city that we'd idly hoped' and describes Adelaide as a 'dead dead DEAD fucking town'.  A later post mentions the 'soul destroying dullness of Adelaide'...  Anyway, it's not all bad for Adelaide.  In a recent study, the Economist Intelligence Unit rated Adelaide as the equal fifth most liveable city in the world.  The study assessed 40 indicators across the categories of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.  This article on a New Zealand news website reports on the study.  So it's all good news for economical Adelaide people.


Thu, 6th Oct, 2005 20:00

Scott has a post here on a bag discovered in Brighton: 'So I'm just watching Sky News just now and there's a bag discovered down at Brighton today full of chemicals and thought to have detonators..'


Tue, 4th Oct, 2005 13:30

$1085 for a 2004 bottle of wine (
SOUTH Australian producer Penfolds has set a record price of $1084.54 for a newly released Australian wine.

Making migrants jump hurdles (
Overseas skilled migrants interested in moving to SA can face some daunting obstacles

SA hospitals on standby for Bali victims (
South Australian hospitals and specialist medical teams are on standby to assist with recovery efforts after the bombings in Bali on the weekend.

UK urged to speed up Hicks citizenship bid (
A British legal firm acting for accused Australian terrorist David Hicks wants to speed up the process to have him recognised as a British citizen.

Car-makers urged to explore 'green' options (
The organiser of a transport technology conference says Australia's automotive industry will be hard hit if it does not undertake a major rethink about the type of vehicles it manufactures.

Adelaide sink Knights in soaking Auckland (
Adelaide United emerged with a 2-1 win over the New Zealand Knights

Central District are 2005 premiers (
In a tough, hard fought contest, Central District have taken out the 2005 premiership by beating the Eagles by 28 points 

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Sun, 2nd Oct, 2005 13:00

Samela has some comments on the recent Bali bombings on her blog hereThis article in the Sydney Morning Herald indicates thats Azahari Husin, who studied in Adelaide briefly in the 1970s, may have been one of those responsible for the bombings.  The Australian has this article which mentions people in Adelaide Airport cancelling trips to Bali.  Jeff has written on his blog here about his flight to Bali later today.  Scott has linked to this article which discusses the new South Australian terrorism laws and shrugs off the possibility of a terrorist attack in Adelaide.