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Life on the edge
Fri, 28th Oct, 2005 14:00

I read an article a while ago which stated owners of websites are responsible for any comments posted to their site and can be sued for them.  The article suggested that if people do not want to risk being charged for defamation, they should disable comments.  I guess an even safer solution would be to not to have a website at all.  Earlier this week FootySA, an unofficial SANFL website which gains around 1000 visits per day, removed all comments, disabled further comments and put up a notice that the future of the website was uncertain.  This was after a potentially slanderous comment was made by a person on the site and a mistake by one of the site administrators led him to posting (and subsequently removing and apologising for) slanderous comments.  More on the closure of FootySA can be found on this thread on the redrooster forum.  FootySA reinstated comments later this week, however comments now have to pass through a moderator before appearing on the site.  More on the reopening of FootySA can be found on the FootySA website here.  Apparently the future of FootySA is still in doubt.

For people interested in defamation, Crikey has a list of 'colourful' Australian defamation cases here.  More on defamation and the internet in Australia can be found here.


Public Transport
Wed, 26th Oct, 2005 13:00

There was a story in the newspaper a few years ago about some students who had been fined by TransAdelaide for catching the train with a student ticket, but not a student pass.  The students later gave evidence they were actually students and said therefore they should not be fined.  TransAdelaide replied by saying the regulations clearly stated that the student discount is given to people hold a student concession cart and not for being a student.  The only comeback the students had to this was that they were unaware of the rule.  There are many other public transport 'rules' people seem unaware of.  For example, last night on a full bus someone stood quite close to me so that every time the bus jolted they would rub against me.  They seemed unaware of the distance rule.  It was flattering, but unasked for.  Saathiya has an entertaining and helpful guide to buses in Adelaide here.  Stephen has some observations from a train ride here.


Tue, 25th Oct, 2005 12:00

Producer wolfs down success after gamble on horror (
He mortgaged his home to fund the Australian movie Wolf Creek, now Matt Hearn has $25 million in Hollywood funding for his next film.

Adelaide an important case of urban ecology (
CITIES are where most Australians now live, and where, in the near future, most humans will live.

Rann looks at strategies to combat bird flu (
The South Australian Government has drawn up a draft operational plan as it looks at measures to tackle an outbreak of bird flu.

Exercise Stop the Flu (
MURRAY Bridge will be the focus of Australia's health and agricultural authorities this weekend when it is hit with a mock outbreak of bird flu.

Ready to turn fiction into fact (
THE annual Jim Beam Battle of the Bands competition has launched a number of huge musical careers.

National Campus Battle Of The Bands (
Jebediah. The Vasco Era. Eskimo Joe. All three of those bands first came to national prominence after winning the National Campus Battle Of The Bands.

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Parody/Satire Blogs
Mon, 24th Oct, 2005 14:30

The original Adelaide Blogs website (not by me) was a list of Adelaide blogs and a description of each one. Anyone could add a website to the list or edit a description of any blog.  This worked well for quite a while, until someone changed the descriptions of all the blogs.  The changed descriptions seemed like they were intended to be humorous, were relevant to the blog they described, but could also be taken as offensive.  Some blog authors saw the joke, and some were justifiably offended.  In a similar vein, the Truth Fairy has started a blog here, which reinterprets content from other Adelaide blogs.  Some of it is funny and some of it can easily be seen to be offensive.  Either way, it looks like the Truth Fairy has gone to a fair amount of effort.  There's an entry about the Adelaide Index here (though the photos are not of anyone involved with the Adelaide Index, but of Adelaide blogger Scott Wickstein).  Some people have written comments on the Truth Fairy in Ms Smack's blog here.

Emo-types are a fairly easy target for parodies. Smash-off & cry, an emo parody blog, can be found here.


Sat, 22nd Oct, 2005 14:00

Competition fierce for the top honours (
THE spring has returned to the film industry's step, with South Australia playing a major role.

New home, new era for Advertiser ( 
ADVERTISER Newspapers will move to its new home in Waymouth St from this Monday.

Berri threat 'a hoax' (
Major beverage company National Foods says it believes a threat to contaminate ingredients used to make its Berri juice products in South Australia is a hoax.

Bird flu fear grips Baxter detainees (
DETAINEES at the Baxter detention centre fear they will be the first in Australia to be exposed to the deadly bird flu.

SA business confidence drops (
South Australia's economy could be heading into trouble with business confidence in the state falling for the first time in more than 18 months.

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Fri, 21st Oct, 2005 13:00

Some posts from Adelaide blogs:

Saathiya has a post here on why she is in love with India.

BT3 has a post here on trick or treating

Andy has a post here on male-female friendships

Gary has a post here on the premiers' revolt against the "shoot-to-kill" powers given to police in the new anti-terrorism legislation.

SinDee has a post here on the Diamanda Galas concert at the Adelaide Town Hall


Thu, 20th Oct, 2005 12:00

Fuel problems delay airport terminal swap (
Domestic flight operations in Adelaide will have to remain at the old airport terminal building for an extra two weeks due to more problems with the new refuelling system.

Condelezza Rice to bypass Adelaide (
ADELAIDE has lost the inaugural Asia-Pacific climate change summit - to be attended by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice - because a secure venue could not be organised to host the high-powered delegation.

Outback awash (
The heaviest October rains in 75 years have drenched the state's Far North, and brought different emotions with them.

Hens night gets ugly in Adelaide (
Seven women out on a hens night, including the future bride, have been arrested after their rowdy celebrations erupted into violence in Adelaide early Wednesday.

Model has ADD, doctor's letter says (
Lawyers for Australian model Michelle Leslie, who is being detained in Bali on drugs possession charges, have presented evidence that she is addicted to a prescription amphetamine-based drug.

Adelaide Festival Of The Arts (
Over the past three weeks Festival Director Brett Sheehy has lost no opportunity in getting the message across when it comes to his vision - and in cementing his resolve - for next years Festival of The Arts, which kicks off on Friday 3 March.

Feast Festival (
It comes around oh so quickly every year: November is Feast month and this year's GLBTIQ cultural festival offers a smorgasbord of delights for queers of every taste and persuasion; from platform shoes to platforms for debate, from picnics in the park to cocks in frocks

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Favourite Restaurants
Wed, 19th Oct, 2005 12:00

The Wedding SA forum is a forum for South Australian people who are getting married.  The Valhalla Lanparties forum is a forum for people in Adelaide who enjoy playing networked computer games.  Both forums have had a topic on favourite/best restaurants in Adelaide.  The Valhalla thread is here, the Wedding SA thread is here.

Tasting Australia starts this Friday.  The Tasting Australia website is here.  The Advertiser has a list of the top 10 Tasting Australia events here.


Tue, 18th Oct, 2005 11:00

Aminah has a response here to an article which stated that society classifies women as either 'mothers' or 'sluts'

Spoz has a rant about Adelaide and a summary of his weekend here.

Julian has some photos here from the Lego exhibition held in the Myer Centre during the school holidays

Vicki has a post here about the Missy Higgins and Ben Lee gig at Adelaide Uni Lawns.

Stephen has a post here on high school girl communication on his train.


Mon, 17th Oct, 2005 11:00

41,000 drivers ignore speed danger (
ADELAIDE drivers are ignoring fines and obvious danger by continuing to speed through the city's busiest intersections.

Charges laid against Australian model (
Charges are being laid against the Australian model arrested and accused of possessing ecstasy in Bali, Michelle Leslie.

Exercise to test SA's preparedness for terrorist incident (
South Australia's readiness in case of a terrorist attack will be tested in various parts of Adelaide over the next three days.

DVD sparks court action (
THE deteriorating friendship between high-profile sports stars Andrew McLeod and Lleyton Hewitt crumbled even further yesterday when the Adelaide Crows star took legal action aimed at blocking the release of the tennis champion's new DVD.

Airport fault delays new terminal take-offs (
A fault at the new Adelaide Airport terminal has caused a week's delay in the first domestic flights using the facility.

Haunted Places in Australia (
Adelaide prison - There is a physic said she and local radio station team went to the prison for investigation. They took tape record and saw some orbs floating. The physic heard there was a little girl screaming and asked if the members heard it, one of the DJ did

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