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Adelaide Male Toilet Quiz
Click here for the male toilet quiz
Queen Adelaide Room (Town Hall)
Click here for photos of the Queen Adelaide Room in the Town Hall (taken during a SA History Week tour)
Adelaide Fringe/Festival 06
Click here for photos from the 2006 Adelaide Fringe and Festival
The Flying Trapeze
Click here for photos and an animation of The Flying Trapeze in the Garden of Unearthly Delights
Fringe Parade 06
Click here for photos of the 2006 Fringe Parade
Click here for photos of people around Adelaide
Public Art Map
Click here for a public art map
Ticket Clicker

A use for used Multitrip bus tickets

Click here for video and pictures

Big Brother 06 Auditions

2005 was the second time Big Brother had people come in person for the initial stage of auditioning (in previous years, people were asked to send in a video tape) I didn't audition, but from what I could tell, the audition process went as follows: people would line up for several hours, sign a confidentiality agreement, get divided into 3 groups, be asked to yell and then asked to perform group activities, such as forming a human sprinkler or pretending to make out.  If someone made it through all that, they would then go on to a personal interview.

Some photos and a video of the Adelaide auditions here.

Donald Rumsfeld Protest
For three days in November the US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, visited Adelaide to take part in AUSMIN talks - where Australian and US officials come together to discuss global, regional and bilateral issues.  The Hyatt, where Donald Rumsfeld stayed, and the Town Hall, where the AUSMIN talks took place, went into lockdown.  Anti-war protests were held on the second and third days of the visit.

Click here for photos of the lockdown and photos and a video of the first protest.  I wanted to take more photos of the lockdown, but was too scared - people were told not to be in the area unless absolutely necessary and I saw the police searching people who looked dodgy and had a backpack, a category I sometimes fit into.
Industrial Relations Reform Protest
On November 15th 2005, a synchronised nationwide protest took place against the Government's proposed industrial relations changes.  I saw a news report which predicted riots.  What happened in Adelaide was a barbeque and around 30,000 people watching a large video screen.  Then a march down King William Street.  It was good to see so many different people united for a common cause, which is possibly one of the best results that can be obtained from a protest.  However, I expected more from the slogans.  At least something like 'We're IRate'.

Click here for photos/videos
2005 Christmas Pageant
For the past several years I've missed the Christmas Pageant completely as a result of sleeping in.  So my plan this year to arrive around 6am and take photos of people setting up for the pageant was perhaps slightly optimistic.  I got there at 9am for the 9:50am pageant start and took some photos of people waiting for the pageant and then of the pageant itself.

Click here for photos/videos
2006 Adelaide Fringe Poster Launch

On the 10th of November 2005, the poster for the 2006 Adelaide Fringe was unveiled.  The poster was selected from more than 120 submissions to a competition whose theme was 'regeneration'.  The winning entry contained an image of a paper crane made from a previous year's poster. 

Click here for photos/videos of the poster launch

Adelaide Airport Open Days

10 years and $260 million to build a new airport with aerobridges so people no longer have to walk across the tarmac in the rain.  Then an open day whose main attraction was a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to walk across the tarmac..and as it turned out, walk across the tarmac in the rain.  The Open Days took place on the 8th and 9th of October.  Domestic flights using the new airport were scheduled to start a week later, but because of problems with the refuelling system are unlikely to start until sometime in December.  International flights have been operating from the new airport since October 15, with planes being refuelled by tankers. Adelaide Airport media releases can be found here.

Click here for photos

Adelaide Graffiti Tour
I've heard that the higher a piece of graffiti is, the more respect it gets.  After a quick check, I found this does not apply to graffiti which is high solely because it is on a hill.  An Adelaide graffiti walking tour took place on the 30th July 2005 as part of the 2005 South Australian Living Artist festival.  The best word to describe being led around by a tour guide in a group of around 70 people taking photos of mostly tags is 'weird'.

Click here for photos
Some puns from around Adelaide

Click here for photos.
About Me
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