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New Quiz!
Sun, 25th Mar, 2007 20:00

Over the years I've heard some people brag about their knowledge of Adelaide. This is a quiz for them. Well, mostly for the males amongst them.

Adelaide Male Toilet Quiz

I'd like to make a female version for the sake of completeness (plus I've heard from some fairly reliable sources that all female toilets have soothing music, couches and are covered in rose petals), but it's unlikely to happen.


James (Wed, 28th Mar, 2007 18:25)
  Two updates in one day? 

*Head explodes*

Though I am proud to say that I have personally urinated in the vast majority of those toilets.

carly (Sat, 7th Apr, 2007 14:54)
  considering im a girl, i did pretty well

is there gonna be a girly version?

zane (Fri, 29th Jun, 2007 9:10)
  Don't get me started. I am a public toilet connoisseur. This quiz is biased towards pub people. Include the incredible Marvin Gaye toilets at Harvey Norman bathrooms, include the robotic toilets in Vic Square, then we'll talk.

Simon Small (Thu, 12th Jul, 2007 12:43)
  Haha love it!

Its best to close your eyes and carry an anti-contamination unit too.

Tom (Fri, 31st Aug, 2007 15:45)
  Marvin Gaye toilets? Please explain?

Josh (Thu, 10th Jul, 2008 23:04)
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sonic producer free trial (Tue, 29th Jun, 2010 10:00)
  Haha love it!

Its best to close your eyes and carry an anti-contamination unit too.

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