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Sun, 25th Mar, 2007 0:00

I've got a lot of code that I've written for this website, but not put in place. As a result, this site has become a bit of a wasteland.  However, I have finally gotten around to putting a link to the results of one piece of code which tracks Adelaide YouTube users videos.

some of the videos are:

Stop motion in Rundle Mall here

Jubeisaotome rants about the use of the word random here

An animated music video for Bird Lantern here

A documentary on open mic night at the Grace Emily here

David M. Green interviews Jack Nicholson here

An old advertisement for Miss JM here

A video of Kaleth the Adelaide Gothic here

A video of the Alphabet here


JubeiSaotome (Mon, 2nd Apr, 2007 10:41)
  Oh shi-- I made the cut.

geoff (Fri, 20th Apr, 2007 20:18)
  well done, whenever I am in Adelaide I always find events and places to film for my You Tube

David Campbell (Sun, 16th Sep, 2007 20:44)
  Just posted this one.

Trisha (Wed, 29th Oct, 2008 20:03)
  Good words.

Thes (Sat, 21st Nov, 2009 17:39)
  I like the video of the Alphabet, very creative!

Feline Heart Health (Thu, 4th Feb, 2010 16:10)
  Video is nice...keep posting..

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