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Tidal Wave
Sun, 16th Mar, 2008 0:00

I went to see 'Lovers and Haters: The Turbulent Times of Don Dunstan'.  Part of the play covered Johh Nash (not the Russell Crowe - John Nash), the clairvoyant who predicted Adelaide would be hit by a tidal wave midday, January 19, 1976 - causing some people to sell their houses and move inland and Adelaide to be mentioned in some places where an example of modern day collective delusion is needed.

The State Library has a clipping of a 1976 Advertiser article about the event here

Rex Jory recounts the story of the tidal wave here


carly (Mon, 17th Mar, 2008 23:20)
  im so used to there not being updates here that i havent even noticed the two new ones until now

Adelaide Index (Tue, 18th Mar, 2008 23:20)
  i didn't think anyone came here anymore

lisa (Wed, 19th Mar, 2008 11:32)
  That was really interesting...

And props to the RSS feed so I noticed immediately you started posting again

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