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Tue, 18th Mar, 2008 0:00

Posts from Adelaide Blogs (and one non Adelaide blog) and a forum

Mojo Hannah has some photos of the Northern Lights here as well as mention of the cost it will take to run for a further 2 weeks
Tracy combines old and new memories of Adelaide here while writing about Junk Theory

Ben mentions here why a someone wearing a Dietrich Bonhoeffer t-shirt in the Central Market is funny

The Vanilla Slice blog gives the prize winning Orange Spot Bakery vanilla slice 12.5/20 here

Pavlov's Cat remembers what it was like without electricity here

Sensational Adelaide has a thread here on how to get Krispy Kreme donuts in Adelaide


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VOTE FOR JORDAN! (Tue, 27th May, 2008 5:57)
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